“I’m guessing Alex is a nervous wreck.” Sierra hadn’t actually met the man, but based on her conversations with Sam, she felt as though she knew him.

“Like you wouldn’t believe. He’s grumpy. Well, I should say grumpier.” Sam laughed.

“Well, that should be interesting.” The details had been all based on pure gossip rather than any fact, but Sam was convinced Ashleigh and Alex were going to go up in flames in the very near future.

“It is. I’ve invited them all to the house tomorrow night, so you have to be here. There’ll definitely be fireworks.”

“Fireworks in February. Count me in.”

“Oh, thank goodness.” Sierra heard the relief in Sam’s voice. “So, tomorrow night, eight o’clock. Our house. I’ll text you the directions.”

“Is there anything I need to bring?”

“Just your bright smiling face.”

Sierra smiled at her friend’s excitement. “Alright then. I’ll see you tomorrow at eight.”

Disconnecting the call, Sierra stared down at the phone.

She and Sam were quickly developing a close friendship, spending quite a bit of time together. They’d ventured out on a couple of shopping excursions, along with several lunch dates, and they had recently taken to talking on the phone. Being that Sierra was still new in town, she hadn’t made many friends, so developing friendships like those she left behind in Nashville was making the transition a little easier.

At first she was surprised by all of the attention she received from Sam, and Sierra had an idea that part of it was because Sam felt guilty. Sierra advised the other woman that she wasn’t responsible for what happened between her and Luke. Of course, she hadn’t gone into detail, not wanting to share that belittling piece of information, but Sam was worried all the same.

No matter what brought the two women together, they found they had enough in common to keep them talking for hours. Sam openly admitted she wasn’t the type to make many friends but that she felt comfortable with Sierra. The heartfelt comment struck something deep inside and Sierra found herself looking forward to spending time with Sam.

Surprisingly, they didn’t spend much time talking about Logan and thankfully, Sam didn’t bring up Luke or Cole at all. In the back of her mind, Sierra wondered if Sam was once again engaging in threesomes with Luke, but she couldn’t bring herself to ask. She honestly didn’t want to know.

The pain of knowing would have been detrimental to her fragile peace of mind.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Kane, where’s the invoice from this morning’s delivery?” Luke asked as he neared the bar where Kane was stocking inventory. Thursday nights were busy for Club Destiny, an apparent time to celebrate the coming of the weekend, so Luke knew his bar manager was frantically trying to get everything ready for when the doors would open in just three hours.

“I asked Jacob to bring it to you.” Kane said, making reference to one of their nightly bartenders.

Club Destiny was open to the public on weekday evenings starting at six and Friday and Saturday starting at three, closed on Sunday. Due to the large volumes of people they saw coming through their doors, they employed three full time weekend bartenders and two more alternated shifts during the week, plus a handful of waitresses and kitchen staff. Kane was the only bar manager and he worked roughly six days a week, by his choice. Since their deliveries had been coming up short, Kane was coming in early and staying until well after closing to ensure he kept tabs on everyone and everything that was going on.

“When? I haven’t seen it yet.” Luke was a little irritated by the fact that since he had come back from Vegas, they had once again come up short on one of their deliveries, and all fingers were pointing to one of his employees. He just hadn’t figured out who it was yet.

“I gave it to him a little while ago and asked him to drop it on your desk on his way out.”

Luke hadn’t checked his desk thoroughly, but he had given it a quick glance and didn’t see it. Giving Kane and Jacob the benefit of the doubt, he opted to look once more before he lost his temper.

Something he’d been doing more and more in the last week.

Since coming back from Vegas, Luke hadn’t been himself. He’d been distracted and frustrated, and, unfortunately, he wasn’t one who could rein in his temper easily. When it came to his customers, Luke did his best to be pleasant, but those who worked for him knew he could be a world class asshole. Much more so since the incident with Sierra in Vegas.

Just the thought of the black haired vixen with her smooth, creamy skin and sexy legs made Luke’s heart pound. He hadn’t heard from her, or seen her at all since he’d come back and based on the way he had lost his head, he didn’t expect to. Sierra had way too much class for a man like Luke. He’d hurt her, Cole had driven that point home the one and only time he had seen him in the last two weeks. After that clusterfuck of a conversation, Cole hadn’t come back to Club Destiny, and Luke wasn’t sure he’d be back.

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