Not that he didn’t take full responsibility for his own actions. He did. He’d been so far out of his mind with lust that night that he had taken Sierra without a condom, putting her at risk. Luke had never had sex without a condom, and due to his promiscuous lifestyle, he was checked routinely for disease, so he knew he hadn’t risked her in that sense. But, he could have gotten her pregnant, and where the hell would that leave them? Luke wasn’t ready for a family.

At least he didn’t think he was.

Until that night, he had never given much thought to having a family of his own. A wife. Maybe a couple of kids. Those things were so far out of his reach, he had never considered them. But with Sierra, the dream could have easily become a reality, which would have altered the course of their lives. That wasn’t something Luke could come to terms with.

Did he even want kids?

That was a question that plagued him often since that night. The answer wasn’t an easy one, yet he found himself daydreaming about Sierra carrying his baby and surprisingly the thought didn’t make him cringe the way he expected. He knew that his brother didn’t have any intentions of having kids, making it clear that he and Sam weren’t interested. For Luke, the answer wasn’t that simple. Until Sierra, he had never considered the idea, but something had changed with her.

Hell, everything had changed with her.

He wanted things he never wanted before. He wanted her. He wanted every damn thing she would give him, but his loss of control had proven that he wasn’t capable of handling a woman like her. A woman like Sierra required a man who could take care of her. One who could provide for her and protect her. Apparently Luke wasn’t that man.

Oh, he could give her any material thing she dreamed of. He had money. Lots of it. But she didn’t seem to be one who cared about that. If that was the only thing he had to give her to make her happy, he’d do it freely and without question. Instead, Luke knew Sierra needed love and security. Something he obviously wasn’t capable of giving.

No, when it came to taking care of her, Cole was better suited for that role. Luke’s only option was to back off, thinking if he did, Cole and Sierra might have a chance to find what they were looking for in each other. He’d seen the way Cole looked at her, touched her, made love to her.

Luke was even privy to the fact that Cole hadn’t engaged in any of his normal sexcapades since the Vegas trip. He figured one of these days he’d hear that the two of them were getting married.


Shaking off that derailing train of thought, Luke opened his office door and went in search of the missing invoice. He didn’t have time to think about Sierra or Cole. He was a damn possessive man by nature, and though his heart hurt for them both, Luke knew it was in everyone’s best interest if he moved on to something that would require less of a commitment from him.

Luke was just about to call Jacob to find out where the man put the invoice when his cell phone rang. He glanced at the caller id and bit back the groan.


“Hey, bro. What’s up?” Luke answered reluctantly, half tempted to let the call go straight to voicemail.

“Not a damn thing. What about you?”

“Same ol’ shit, different day.” Luke admitted, rummaging through a stack of papers on his desk. “You’re not ass deep in some sort of HR violation or something?” Luke provoked his brother.

“Oh, fuck off.” Logan laughed. “I’m calling to invite you to a party tomorrow night at my house.” Amusement laced Logan’s words. Apparently Luke’s irritation was something Logan had gotten used to.

“A party?” He couldn’t hide the skepticism in his tone.

“Not that kind of party, man. Just a get together. We’ve invited several people over, and I expect you to be there.”

“You know I can’t do anything on Friday nights. I’ve got a club to run.”

“And you know as well as I do that Kane can handle anything, and he’s got you on speed dial. I don’t want to hear your excuses. I haven’t seen you but for five minutes in the last two and a half months.”

Luke knew Logan was right. They hadn’t seen much of each other in months, and that was solely Luke’s doing. He’d been hiding out from anyone and everyone, including his twin brother. “Fine. What time?” He was giving in too easily, but Luke had let Logan down enough times lately, he couldn’t bring himself to do it now.


“I’ll be there. But, I’m warning you. If the club needs me, I’ll have to bail.”

“I hear ya.” Logan sounded content with at least the commitment from Luke. “Did you find anything out about the missing liquor?”