“No. I’m looking for the invoice from this morning’s delivery to verify that, but it seems to have been misplaced.”

Logan was the only person Luke had shared his concerns with, not wanting the person responsible to know Luke was on to them. Since his twin was a silent partner in the club, he figured Logan deserved to know they were losing money.

“The invoice or the delivery?”


“Did you check the cameras Alex installed last week?” Logan asked, referring to the security cameras they hired CISS to install the week before.

After the last delivery came up short, Luke had been at the end of his rope.

“Not yet. I’m doing that now.” Luke confirmed.

“Let me know if you need my help with anything. I’ve got to run to a meeting, but I expect you at the house tomorrow at eight.”

“I’ll be there.”

With that, they ended the call and Luke pulled up the security cameras on his computer, running through the footage from that morning’s delivery. This would’ve been the first delivery since the cameras were installed. Since Luke kept the installation on the down low, not even Kane knew they were being put in.

Five minutes later, Luke was watching with disbelief as Lucie Werner, Club Destiny’s weekday bartender was handing the delivery guy what appeared to be cash as he set aside two cases behind the dumpster near the delivery dock. Sonuvabitch.

Lucie? Seriously?

Luke couldn’t deny the fact she was the one on the screen, but in all of his life, he would have never expected Lucie to steal from him. She’d been employed by Club Destiny for three years and aside from being one of his most loyal employees, she was also a single mother of a four year old. Why in the hell would she be stealing from him?

A knock on his office door had Luke closing the window on his monitor. “Come in.”

Jacob Hayman walked in, holding the missing invoice in his hand. “Sorry, boss. Kane said you were looking for this.” Handing over a slip of paper, Jacob turned to leave.

“Hey, Jacob. Have you seen Lucie today?”

Luke watched the other man intently, noticing the slight wince as he shrugged his shoulders. “Not today.”

Was Jacob helping Lucie?

“If you see her, let her know I’d like to speak with her.” Luke said, and then turned back to his screen as nonchalantly as he could manage. There was no sense letting on that he suspected anything just yet. He’d known Lucie for a long time, and she was the last person Luke would expect to do something like this. If she was stealing from him, she had a damn good reason.

Luke wanted to know what that was.

When Jacob left his office, Luke called downstairs. “Hey, Kane. You see Lucie this morning?”

“I did. She stopped in rambling about leaving something in her locker. She wasn’t here long though. Why?”

“If you see her again, let her know I’m looking for her.” Luke wasn’t going to go into details.

“Will do, boss.”

Chapter Fifteen

So this was how the incredibly wealthy lived, Sierra thought to herself as she navigated the streets of Sam and Logan’s gated community. The houses that lined the well-manicured streets were nothing short of mansions with giant oak trees lurching toward the evening sky while branching out in all directions.

When she pulled into the circular drive of Sam and Logan’s massive estate, Sierra took note of the numerous cars lining both sides of the driveway and the handful pulled into the extra spaces in front of the three car garage. She pulled into an open area and sat motionless, her car idling while she tried to convince herself this was where she should be.

Finally, after putting off the inevitable for far too long, Sierra climbed out of her car and headed up the walkway toward the house. Just as she reached the front door, a male voice called her name, and she turned in time to see Cole strolling in her direction, looking so damn sexy her heart hurt.

He looked just the same as she remembered, confident and gorgeous, even in his casual, faded jeans and a black polo shirt that encased all of those sexy as hell muscles.

“Hey.” She was at a loss for words, her heart beating fast and hard against her ribs. She hadn’t seen him since that last day in Vegas, nor had she heard from him. Momentarily she was struck by his sheer masculine beauty until she realized she hadn’t heard from him. And here he was, acting as though they were long lost friends and he just happened to run across her while they were both out at the same place. What happened to him not backing down?

“How’ve you been?” He asked tentatively as he stepped closer, keeping a safe distance, but Sierra felt the warmth of his presence all the same. Apparently he was acknowledging the fact that he hadn’t bothered to call her either.

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