Those were the same things he’d thought for quite some time now, but it didn’t make the situation any easier. And right now, he didn’t have the patience to talk about it with her or anyone else. Instead of responding, he nodded his understanding and walked off. It was time that he went home. Time for him to get away from this debacle and move on.

A minute later he was pulling out of his brother’s driveway, and a minute after that, he was pulling in behind a familiar car parked on the side of the street. Barely able to get the truck in Park, Luke bolted out, heading for the driver’s side door, fear and worry beating away at his insides.

Had something happened? Was she ok? When he tried the handle, the door didn’t open, so he tapped lightly on the window. When he saw the tears on Sierra’s face, his heart stopped beating. Grabbing his cell phone from his pocket, he dialed Logan’s number.

“Bring someone down the street to get Sierra’s car. She’s going home with me.” He didn’t wait for an answer before hanging up and sliding the phone back in his pocket.

With deft movements, he reached into the car, lifted her and carried her to his truck. She was so upset, Luke figured she didn’t know what was going on, but for now, he just needed to get her back to his house. They’d talk about it there.

Chapter Sixteen

Sierra wasn’t able to argue with Luke when he pulled her from her car, carrying her easily to the passenger side of his truck. She didn’t bother as he drove either. Not because she didn’t want to, but because she was too emotionally drained.

After leaving Logan’s, she planned to go straight home to bed; hoping sleep would allow her to escape the emotional overload to her system known as Luke McCoy. Instead, she found she was too distracted to drive and a moment after she pulled alongside the curb, the tears began to fall.

Sierra knew she was a strong woman. She was independent and self-sufficient, but she couldn’t deny that she had feelings too. Seeing Luke again brought every one of those feelings to the surface, making her want something she knew she couldn’t have. Apparently that thought had been too overwhelming, and the emotional breakdown she had successfully dodged for weeks descended upon her.

Thankfully, she managed to fight back the tears once she was in Luke’s arms, or maybe he was the reason they stopped altogether. He wasn’t saying anything, thank goodness, and she wasn’t going to try and explain either. Not that she could if she wanted to.

That damn hope bloomed in her chest once again, and she was afraid to say anything for fear she would wake up, and it would all be a dream. Walking away from him was the hardest thing she had ever done, but it had been the right thing to do.

Ten minutes later, Luke pulled into a house that rivaled Logan’s vast estate easily. The lawn was lit up with strategically placed accent lights, but those all disappeared when he pulled into the four car garage, closing the door behind them and shutting off the truck.

“Don’t move.” He said as he opened his door, causing her to jump at his tone.

She watched him warily as he made his way around the front of the truck, his gaze intent and his posture ramrod straight. Sierra fought the urge to move back when he opened the door, leaned over and unbuckled her seatbelt before lifting her into his arms and carrying her to the door that would lead to the house.

“I can walk you know.” She could pretend his caveman behavior was beginning to wear on her nerves, but secretly, deep down, Sierra enjoyed the feel of his arms around her.


Luke moved with purpose, going quickly through the house, barely giving Sierra time to take in her surroundings. What she did see was immaculately decorated with absolutely no clutter anywhere. The decor was wholly masculine with stone accents and heavy wood beams, along with large pieces of furniture scattered about.

Before she could say another word, Luke was pushing open a door, and before them was a monster of a bed, four large wooden posts and a heavy wooden headboard and footboard encasing the mattress which was covered with a brown suede comforter and several decorative pillows.

She dared a glance up at him as he made his way to the bed, sitting her on the edge and then standing before her. The look in his eye was so hot, so fierce, Sierra expected to feel her skin singe from the heat. And before her eyes, Luke’s features softened, the hard lines around his mouthed eased, and his massive shoulders seemed to loosen.

“What do we do now?” He asked, clearly bewildered.

“I don’t know.” Honestly she didn’t. What she wanted from this man was so powerful, so all consuming, she didn’t know how to tell him everything she wanted from him.