His body.

His heart.

His soul.

Though the last two weren’t up for grabs, Sierra wanted them all.

Luke bent at the waist, placing one large hand on her thigh as he eased the zipper down on one boot, sliding the suede boot off and to the floor, followed by the other.

“Luke.” His name came out as a whisper in the silent room and his gaze traveled up her body until those mesmerizing eyes locked with hers.

This was the first time they had been alone together, and Sierra found she wanted him selfishly to herself. When it came to Luke, Sierra knew the man owned her, heart and soul, and though she was still so utterly confused when it came to her feelings, especially for the two men who had so easily invaded her life recently, she wanted to have Luke all to herself. At least for a little while.

“I need to touch you, Sierra.” Luke’s words were low, a rough baritone that stroked every one of her sensitive nerve endings.

He was edgy, Sierra could see the restrained power in his flexed biceps and the strain in his neck muscles, but there was tenderness in his tone. Her emotional breakdown had left her weak, or maybe Luke was the one who was making her weak, but either way, Sierra wanted him to take away the pain if only for the night. Even if dawn broke, and Luke was out of her life for good this time, Sierra wanted nothing more than to spend the night in his arms, getting to know every part of him by touch and taste.

Sliding her feet to the floor she stood before him, feeling more vulnerable than she ever had, but needing him. Wanting him. She reached for the buttons on his shirt, and he inhaled sharply, his eyes locked with hers. Slowly she released each small circle from its mooring while they maintained eye contact, neither of them saying a word. Once she could access the glorious naturally tan skin of his chest, Sierra ran her fingers through the soft black hair, making a point to lightly scrape her nails over his nipples.

When she reached his neck, she cupped his face until he leaned closer, his palms cupping her head in turn as he pulled her closer, their lips meeting in a gentle, seductive mating of mouths. His tongue slid over her bottom lip, and Sierra opened for him, letting her tongue duel with his until she reached a fever pitch.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Luke managed to hold back the hunger, wanting to savor the taste of Sierra for as long as she would allow him. Unsure how he’d been given this second chance, though he never would believe he deserved it, he found himself kissing her, her hands cool on his face as they held on to one another while the rest of the world fell away. Never in his life had he felt this overwhelming tenderness, a need to mate with a woman so completely. He wanted to worship her body until she was ruined for any other man until she knew with every breath she took just how much he wanted her.

When he had come upon her car, finding her in tears in the front seat, Luke had known then exactly what he’d been fighting since he bailed on her in Vegas. This one small woman had weaved her way around his heart so quickly he was left nearly breathless by the sheer intensity of it. And here she was, back in his arms, the soft, subtle scent and the sweet taste of her overwhelming his senses to the point he wasn’t sure he’d make it through the next few minutes.

Breaking the kiss, needing to take a moment just to look at her, Luke slid his hands down over her shoulders, then her arms until he reached the hem of her sweater. Gripping it gently, he lifted, forcing her to raise her arms, allowing him to sweep the material up and over her head. Standing before him like some exotic goddess clad in only a short jean skirt and a turquoise blue demi bra, her small, puckered nipples peeking through the lace, beckoning him to taste her. Oh how he wanted to taste her.

Backing her against the mattress, forcing her to sit, Luke hovered over her, forcing back the urge to climb on top of her just to feel her writhe beneath him. Apparently she was reading his mind because before a single word was spoken, Sierra maneuvered into position on the bed, lying flat. With hardly any grace whatsoever, Luke rid himself of his shirt, seconds before he climbed over her, pressing a knee between her soft thighs, feeling the warmth of her sex through his jeans.

Lord have mercy, the woman sparked a fire in his blood, and he had to focus on his original intentions. When a soft moan escaped her lips, his dick jumped and his skin tingled, the memory of what it felt like to be inside of her so fresh, so vivid, he wasn’t sure how he’d survived the last few weeks without her. But tonight was all about taking his time, making this moment last and building her need until she was blind with it.

Her nimble fingers quickly got rid of the bra, leaving her breasts on full display while his eyes roamed the gentle curves, lingering on those dusky rose colored nipples that beckoned him to taste her. He started with her lips, lightly kissing, teasing, before descending down her jaw. Taking his time, licking the sexy column of her neck, feeling her heartbeat rapidly against his tongue, and noticing how her body shuddered when he sucked her fragrant skin inside his mouth. Trailing further down, he planted open mouthed kisses on every inch of skin he could reach until he reached the upper swell of her breast.

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