Granted, Luke was discriminatory with his partners, but he had been drawn to Cole from almost the moment he had met him. At the time, it hadn’t been in any way related to attraction, just simple admiration. Cole was an admitted bisexual, open to almost anything, trustworthy, honest and beyond discreet. Everything his members looked for in a partner or a third.

But then it happened. That one damn night at his house when they had invited Cole to be the fourth in a little rendezvous with Luke’s twin, Logan, and Logan’s then girlfriend, Samantha. That night had sent Luke’s mind whirling with uncertainty.

When Ava and Daniel Prescott passed behind him, Luke did turn, this time watching as Cole followed not far behind them. Turning his attention back toward Kane, Luke had the other man walk him through the events of the last two weeks.

He didn’t have time to think about Cole, or anyone else. He had a business to run; one that apparently couldn’t manage to hang on to a few thousand dollars’ worth of liquor unless someone was paying attention.

Chapter Three

“Who is that?” Kane interrupted Luke as he was trying to decipher a handful of receipts that hadn’t already been logged.

Luke turned his attention to the three people walking through the back entrance to the main floor of the club, and he immediately understood his bar manager’s astonished tone. His first reaction, which he managed to choke back, was to grumble at the sight of his brother and his wife.

Not that he wasn’t glad to see them.

The funk he couldn’t seem to shake still lingered like a storm cloud threatening to burst open at any second. Seeing Samantha, knowing the previous impression he’d made on her, Luke wasn’t so sure he would be able to look her in the eye.

The absolute last thing he expected was for his brother’s new wife to walk right up to him and throw her arms around his neck, but that was exactly what she did. Instinctively, Luke’s eyes darted to his brother, immediately seeking direction. When Logan merely smiled back, Luke managed to lift his arms – apparently made of lead – and wrap them around Sam, tentatively hugging her back.

And the next thing he did might’ve damn well changed his life forever.

Having briefly glimpsed the woman who had been beside Sam and Logan as they came through the door, Luke hadn’t taken a chance to really look at her. With his arms still wrapped around his brother’s wife, Luke’s gaze landed on the sexiest, most petite woman he’d ever laid eyes on. A hot flash of lust shocked his system, and he froze where he was standing. Doing his best to keep his cool, Luke let go of Sam and took a step back, his eyes still glued to the woman.

Standing before him, with her back straight, her magnificent breasts thrust high, Luke couldn’t stop his gaze from roaming down the full length of her. At barely five feet tall at the most, even in those sexy as hell knee high black boots with at least three inch heels, the woman captivated him. And that was saying something because Luke had never been attracted to tiny, petite women, mainly due to the fact that he was damn near six and a half feet tall.

Had he met her before? She looked somewhat familiar, yet he knew he couldn’t have because he would have remembered her. Hell, she would have played a starring role in many of his erotic fantasies, so no, he was certain he hadn’t.

Her eyes were an exotic ice blue that glowed with something so intense, so unique, Luke had to remind himself where he was and who else was around. He imagined wrapping his hand in the long, glossy, black hair that hung like a silk curtain down her back, tilting her head back so that he could claim her mouth.

She must have recognized the heat in his eyes because she abruptly stood even straighter than before, gripped the edge of her jacket, slowly closing the expensive leather over her very impressive cleavage. She might’ve been able to limit his visual feast, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t cover up those toned, trim thighs exposed beneath the hem of that little black mini skirt she wore. He let his eyes wander, his mouth watering from the temptation that small body offered, before returning to meet her silvery blue eyes.

“Luke, I’d like you to meet Sierra Sellers. She’s Veronica’s daughter.” Sam introduced him to the beauty standing beside her.

Luke didn’t know who the hell Veronica was, or maybe he did, but his brain wasn’t functioning at the moment. At least not past wondering whether her panties and bra were silky and black like the halter she’d hidden from his view. He choked on a growl and glanced over at his brother, needing a cold shower if he was expected to have a rational conversation.

“Veronica is Xavier’s administrative assistant.” Logan clarified, and Luke caught the amusement in his brother’s tone. “Sierra is Veronica’s daughter.”