“Let me see how wet you are. Show me.” Luke’s eyes darted upward, meeting her gaze and then back down as he waited for her to do as she was told.

Sierra had yet to say a single word to the man, and she found she could hardly focus on her next breath, much less any coherent thought. Using her index and middle finger on her right hand while still holding her skirt with her left, Sierra separated the bare, wet folds of her pussy, watching Luke as he focused intently on her fingers. The heat that spiraled low and fierce matched what she saw in his eyes, and Sierra felt empowered, if only briefly.

When he lifted a hand, one finger coming forward to slide over her clit, Sierra thought she might just crumble to the ground. He quickly flicked her clit, and then pulled his hand back before pulling her down across his lap. Startled, she yelped as she found herself lying across his lap, humiliation coursing through her.

“Damn that’s beautiful.” Luke’s voice boomed through the room as one calloused hand caressed her bare bottom.

Oh, God. What was he going to do? Sierra tried to move, tried to get out of his grip, but his other hand came down to rest on her back, effectively holding her in place. His hard thighs pressed against her stomach while she gripped the side of his leg to hold herself up.

“Luke!” Sierra screamed his name as his hand came down on her bare ass, a burning sensation shooting down her legs.

“Spread your legs.”

Sierra could barely focus on his words, but then his hand came down again, harder this time, stinging her ass.


Now what? Sierra didn’t know what he wanted her to do. She tried to think, tried to comprehend what he had said, but the pain and humiliation consumed her. Another hard smack landed and Sierra sobbed.

“Open them.”

Sierra instinctively spread her legs, hoping that was what he wanted her to do. Another slap landed on her ass, but before the pain could register, Luke buried one long, thick finger inside of her and an orgasm unlike anything she had ever known ripped through her, her entire body held together by the magnitude of that single pulse radiating outward from between her legs.

As she came back down from the sensual high, Luke slipped his finger from the depths of her pussy and Sierra fought to hold her upper body up, all of her strength zapped from the intensity of that one orgasm.

Somehow, Luke managed to lift her without Sierra needing to use her legs and then she was placed face down across the bed. Her body was still in shock from the intense pain and the mind numbing orgasm, so she barely registered her skirt slowly sliding down her legs. Her energy was so depleted she couldn’t move a muscle, but Sierra felt the throb between her legs intensify. That one orgasm was only a prelude to what was to come, she knew, and despite the fact that Luke had just spanked her – yes, the man had spanked her – Sierra longed for more.

Without any help from her, Luke managed to remove the rest of her clothes and Sierra remained lying face down on the mattress, her head turned to one side as her body tried to recover from the intensity of her climax. She thought about trying to turn over, but then Luke took one foot in his big, strong hand, kneading the arch and eliciting another groan from her.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Do you think you’ve learned your lesson?” Luke asked, not expecting Sierra to answer him.

He was impressed when she sighed a “yes”, though still not moving a muscle. At least she remembered his demand for her to answer him whenever he questioned her.

Since the moment he stepped foot into her house, Luke had been overcome with the need to teach her a lesson for walking out on him that morning. The desire to spank her sweet ass had made his dick throb hard and insistent for the last two hours until he couldn’t take it anymore. He’d driven straight from the club to her house, not knowing whether she would be home or not.

When he arrived, she hadn’t been there, so he had decided to wait her out. Unsure how long he would have to wait, he was pleasantly surprised when she pulled down the road only a few minutes later.

The mere sight of her caused his heart to beat double time, his cock throbbing just as insistently. With the hunger barely restrained, Luke managed to appear as civilized as possible while standing on her front lawn. Once inside the house, he hadn’t been able to contain that need any longer.

Looking at her now, lying naked and sated on her bed, Luke had so much more in store for her. Her beautiful ass was bright pink from his hand, and although he wanted to spank her again, just to make sure she learned her lesson, he wanted to explore her entire body with his tongue more.

“That didn’t sound very convincing, Sierra.”

Luke moved his hands up over her calf, then up the soft skin of her thigh, continuing to massage her. He managed to avoid the temptation between her legs and moved back down her other leg until he was once again massaging her foot.

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