Or maybe he was worrying for nothing. It was possible Sierra hungered for more than he alone could provide her. Did she prefer another man in their bed? After all, she had been so eager, so willing to participate in the threesomes they’d shared in Vegas. Which meant what? That they wouldn’t be happy just the two of them?

Shit. This was the very reason that Luke didn’t do relationships. There was too much emotional drama that needed to be settled and quite frankly, it was giving him a headache.

Luke rolled over, easing his arm out from under Sierra until he could sit at the edge of the bed, his feet firmly on the floor. He didn’t want to walk out, didn’t want to leave Sierra, but he didn’t know that he could stay. He had run before, and though he had his doubts, this didn’t feel like running. Yet he didn’t feel like talking, and if she woke up, talking would likely be on the agenda.

Resigning himself to at least taking a little time to himself, Luke kissed Sierra and grabbed his clothes, sneaking out of the bedroom before she had time to wake up. Dressing hurriedly, he snuck out the door, locking the bottom lock on his way.

He’d be back.

If she let him after this.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Sierra woke to an empty bed, but she didn’t have to wake up to know Luke had left. Though he thought she was asleep, Sierra had been lying in his arms, listening to him breathe and relishing the feel of his strong heartbeat beneath her ear. She didn’t need to open her eyes to know he had been thinking too much. Instead of asking him to share with her, she’d pretended to be asleep until she had actually fallen asleep.

Now as she lay in her bed, staring at the slow turning blades on her ceiling fan, Sierra wondered what he had been thinking about. The last two times they had been together, they’d been completely alone. Was Luke thinking about Cole? Or the fact that they didn’t have another person to share their bed? She certainly hadn’t been.

Oh, Sierra remembered vividly what it felt like to be pleasured by two men, but she had never even thought about anything other than the way Luke felt inside of her when it was just the two of them alone. And the same had been the case when she and Cole indulged in one another in Vegas. Guilt flooded her at the realization. Yet her heart still yearned for both men. Equally.

Since Cole hadn’t tried to get in touch with her, the only assumption she could make was that Cole had been using her for comfort during their time in Vegas. Or maybe he just didn’t feel the same about her, and he had waited until their return to Dallas before sneaking away, hoping to avoid confrontation. After all, she had seen the way he looked at Luke, heard his declaration that morning in the shower.

If those words he’d spoken with so much conviction were actually true, how had it been so easy for him to give up on her? As much as it hurt, Sierra didn’t fault him for it. Deep down, she acknowledged the dark fantasies that consumed her, knew that others had the same urges, but quite possibly Cole was only interested in being close to Luke.

The sound of her cell phone beeping caught her attention. After Luke’s unexpected arrival, her brain had been fuzzy with lust, and she dropped her purse, forgetting all about it when Luke pressed her into the wall. As she went in search of it now, she wondered who it could possibly be. It was Saturday after all, and it wasn’t like she had many friends. Being that Luke had just walked out on her, she didn’t figure it was him.

When she reached the living room, her phone went off again, making her dig through the endless contents of her purse just to find it. Glancing at the screen, Sierra’s breath caught in her throat.

“I’ll be damned.” She whispered, staring at the text that lit up the screen.

Dinner. My house. Tonight. 8pm.

So he might have snuck out, but Luke hadn’t forgotten about her. As much as she wanted to punish him for walking out on her, Sierra couldn’t bring herself to do it.

The clock on her cell phone told her she didn’t have long to get ready if she expected to be at his house by eight. Her body flushed at the remembered punishment she’d received earlier. Heading directly to the shower, Sierra couldn’t help but wonder what he would do if she were late.

Chapter Nineteen

A couple of hours later, Sierra was pulling into the circular drive at Luke’s. She had purposely planned to be a few minutes late, and her body heated at the thought of how he would react. A hint of humiliation fluttered through her at the thought of what he had done earlier. Worse than that, she was a little embarrassed that she had enjoyed it so thoroughly. Of course she wouldn’t share that tidbit of information with Luke.

As she walked to the front door, she admired the massive two story stone house. When he brought her to the house the night before, she hadn’t seen much of the outside, but taking it in now, she saw his personality all over it. The house was strong and masculine, just like the man. White stone slightly discolored from age and weather, gave it a uniquely distressed appearance, accented by the thick, heavy wood posts that made it appear wholly masculine and suitable to the man.

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