“Starving.” Luke growled, spreading Sierra’s legs further apart, his fingers trailed up the inside of her thigh only to find she didn’t have on any panties. He didn’t hesitate before he speared two fingers inside of her.

He was hungry alright.

When she screamed his name and dug her fingernails into his back, Luke had to grit his teeth. The woman was so fucking responsive, so damn hot, he could barely control himself. He slowly retreated, shoving his fingers back inside of her. “That’s it baby.” Luke leaned over her, allowing her to press her forehead into his shoulder as he continued to finger fuck her right there in the middle of his kitchen. “You like when I fuck you with my fingers?”


“Come for me, Sierra.”

“Harder.” Sierra begged, and Luke gave her exactly what she asked for until her pussy clenched his fingers and she moaned. A second later, her body went lax right there in his arms.

But he was far from done with her.

Lifting her from her perch on the counter, he carried her over to the granite topped kitchen table and leaned her back, pushing her skirt up and over her hips so he could see her. Damn the woman was beautiful. Her long black hair fanned out around her as she lay open and waiting for him. Using his thumbs, he separated her lusciously swollen pussy lips, his eyes glued to the soft, wet folds. When she pushed up onto her elbows, her eyes tracking his every movement, Luke’s dick jumped right onboard with her wanting to watch.

“Beautiful.” He groaned as he leaned closer, teasing her clit with his thumb. “Take your sweater off.” He ordered, watching as she awkwardly managed to pull the soft, black sweater over her head, tossing it to the chair beside the table.

Clad in a red lace bra – the woman was going to kill him with her various colored underwear – her breasts beckoned him, the pebbled tips teasing him.

“Now the bra.” He told her as he leaned forward, licking his way from her navel up over her rib cage as she managed to unhook the clasp.

Once she was bared to him, Luke sucked one hardened tip into his mouth, caressing her with his tongue while she moaned and writhed beneath him. He gave her other breast the attention it was due before standing back to his full height and pulling her skirt down over her legs until it fell to the floor.

Laid out before him, naked except another pair of those fuck me boots, though this time they were of the cowboy variety, Luke looked his fill. The way Sierra stared back at him, propped up on her elbows as she watched intently, made Luke’s body hum. Making sure she could see his every movement he parted her with his fingers again and then leaned in and raked his tongue over her clit. Her body jerked beneath the onslaught of his tongue as he began to torture her clit, flicking back and forth over the sensitive bundle of nerves.

In order to give him better access, he scooted her backward on the table a little, propped those sexy as hell boots on the edge and then went at her like the starving man he was. Within seconds Sierra was thrusting her hips, trying to force him closer, whispering his name until her body tightened, her clit throbbing insistently and she came right there on his kitchen table. Damn that was sexy as hell.

Before he could decide what to do next, Sierra was off the table, standing before him in all of her naked glory pulling at the button on his jeans. He looked down at her, his eyes locked on the way her tiny fingers deftly eased the button from its mooring and then slid the zipper down slowly. She eased his cock from his jeans and the feel of her velvety soft hands gripping his dick had him jerking in her hand. When she looked up, those crystal, blue fire eyes full of heat and determination, Luke sucked in a breath.

“My turn.” Sierra told him and then pushed him up against the wall, as forceful as her small body versus his much larger frame could manage.

Luke willingly backed against the wall and watched as she slid to her knees, pulling the confining denim down his legs as she went. The one and only time she’d had his cock in her mouth was in the limo in Vegas and Luke admittedly thought about that night so many times as he’d used his hand to get himself off.

Now, he watched in utter fascination as the woman before him eagerly brought his steel hard shaft to her lips. Their eyes met, and her little pink tongue darted out to lick the glistening tip. Her hands were planted on his thighs, and she proceeded to tease him relentlessly with only her tongue, lapping at the engorged head, then sliding slowly, ever so slowly, down the sensitive underside.

He knew this was payback for the times he had tortured her, but he longed to spear his hands in her hair and pull her closer, shoving his dick inside her warm, wet mouth until he came deep in her throat. Instead he managed to latch on to his fragile control while she continued to taste and torment him with her tongue.

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