“So fucking good.” He groaned the words out past clenched teeth as he kept his eyes riveted to her mouth. When she smiled up at him, Luke knew he was a goner. This one tiny woman had, in the span of such a short time, managed to own him mind, body and soul.

Her fingernails raked up his thigh until she cupped his balls with her satiny smooth hand, squeezing gently. He wanted to tell her to increase the pressure, to suck him deep and hard, but he didn’t. She was right, it was her turn. Sierra wasn’t experienced at this, but the determination he saw in her eyes was the only thing he needed. Her willingness to please him nearly brought him to his knees, and no matter the dark desires that swirled inside of him, or his need for a rougher touch, none of it compared to what he needed from this woman.

He watched as her mouth closed over the head, managed to keep his eyes open as her tongue bathed the underside of his cock. He was so lost in her sensual ministrations that he hadn’t even noticed when she slid one finger into the crack of his ass, teasing him like no one had ever done before. Then her eyes closed and she gripped the base of his cock with one hand, thrust her finger inside of his ass as she sucked him deep into the hot confines of her mouth and Luke had to bite his lip to keep from exploding.

A minute or two was too much before he was unable to hold back any longer. He gripped her hair with both hands and guided her head as he thrust forward, deeper into her mouth, over and over as she sucked him.

“Fuck.” The word slipped out through gritted teeth as he continued to fuck her mouth while she so skillfully fingered his ass. “I’m gonna come, baby. Fuck.” He wasn’t ready, but she was pushing him past the point of no return.

Her hand squeezed, stroking harder, faster, as she matched the rhythm with her mouth and Luke couldn’t hold back any longer. He stilled her head with his hands, thrust deep and came with a rush.

Never in his life had Luke experienced anything like the erotic high that he received when he was with Sierra. He only hoped that when he told her the true depth of what she made him feel, what she made him want, that she didn’t walk away from him.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Two hours later, Sierra was sitting at the edge of Luke’s hot tub clad in one of his shirts with her feet dangling in the warm, bubbling water, sipping a glass of wine. She laughed when he first attempted to join her with a glass of his own wine, but after two sips, he hadn’t been able to keep up the facade. He downed the rest of his glass in one quick swallow, put it aside and reached for a beer instead. Admittedly, that small, fragile glass had looked so out of place in his big, masculine hand, but she hadn’t said anything.

Thankfully dinner hadn’t been ruined, so they sat at the bar in the kitchen, neither of them able to look at the kitchen table without thinking about what they had just done. They managed some small talk, but other than talking about work they hadn’t broached any personal subjects. Sierra got the impression Luke was nervous about something, but she hadn’t had the guts to ask him. Now that they were outside, she wanted nothing more than to ask him the questions that she had longed to ask. However, he had somewhat closed himself off, so she once again thought better of it.

For early February, it was unseasonably warm, but the chill in the air sent a shiver down her spine, and the next thing she knew, Luke was sitting behind her, his bare chest brushing against her back.

“You should get in the water. It’s warmer in there.” He told her as his arms came around her, holding her close.

“Only if you’ll join me.” She placed one hand over his. The way he held her made Sierra feel safe and secure, a feeling she hadn’t felt in so long, and one she didn’t want to let go of.

When he didn’t move immediately, Sierra thought he was ignoring her request, but then his hands moved slowly, easily unbuttoning the shirt she was wrapped in before sliding the soft cotton over her shoulders. Sierra had never been much for modesty, and for some reason, being naked around Luke, even outside, didn’t bother her in the least. Thankfully his backyard was private, with tall trees that shielded them from prying eyes.

With his oversized shirt now resting at her elbows, her nipples puckered from the cool air that caressed her overheated skin. Moments later, his hands cupped her breasts, his fingers fondling the sensitive tips, pinching lightly, but not enough to bring pain. He continued to fondle her for long minutes as she pressed further into his hands, a low, insistent throb starting between her legs. She wanted to feel him inside of her, to ride him until they both came, but when she tried to turn in his arms, he gripped her breasts and stilled his hands.

“Not yet. I’m going to enjoy teasing you for a while.” He whispered against her ear, squeezing each breast a little harder than he had before. “You had your fun. Now it’s my turn to torture you.”

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