The gruff words he murmured in her ear made her nerve endings buzz with longing. The feel of his calloused hands as they abraded her hypersensitive skin had her moaning his name, her body bursting into flame once again. How this man managed to set her blood to rapid boil with just a simple touch was foreign to her. Sierra wondered if she would ever stop longing for his touch.

Then, as though he couldn’t wait any longer, he managed to strip them both of what little clothes they had on before submerging them into the gloriously warm water. Just when she thought he would turn her in his arms, and thrust inside of her, he surprised her by pulling her onto his lap, but her back was against his chest once more. She could feel his erection as it pressed against her lower back, but he didn’t press into her. No, the frustrating man only continued to tease her.

He gripped her breasts, pinching her nipples as she watched his movements, the sight so erotic, so sensually stimulating, Sierra thought she might come before he ever got inside of her. Her breasts had always been sensitive, but never had she dreamed she could have an orgasm just from a touch.

The water lapped against her chest as he pinched and squeezed, but then he lifted her with his thighs until her nipples were exposed to the brisk night air. A shot of pure ecstasy raced through her at the sudden shocking sensation, the erotic mixture of cold and pleasure/pain, before lowering her into the water once more. He continued to do this over and over until Sierra was grinding her ass against his thighs, trying desperately to ease the throb between her legs.

“I keep thinking about the way you looked with your mouth wrapped around my cock.”

His lewd words sent a jolt to her system, making her moan out her pleasure as he continued to fondle her repeatedly, never once moving his hands from her breasts.

“Then I think about the way you came with my tongue buried in your sweet pussy.”

Oh, God. He was going to make her come just from the rough sound of his voice.

“Or how about when I spanked that pretty little ass of yours while you came around my fingers. Did you like that, Sierra?”

She nodded her head, unable to find the words to tell him just how much she liked it, although she knew she should feel shamed at the very prospect of being spanked.

“Tell me.” Luke demanded, the growl in his tone telling her he wasn’t requesting her obedience. He was demanding it.

“Yes.” She whispered as she pressed into his hands.

“Yes, what?”

“I liked it.” Sierra forced the words past her lips though she was on sensory overload, her body burning for that little bit that would push her over the edge.

“Tell me.” Luke bit out, nipping the sensitive area where her shoulder and neck came together.

“I liked it when you spanked me.” She felt her face redden from embarrassment, but she couldn’t bring herself to care because she was so close to detonating.

“You like to be punished, don’t you?”

Sierra had never thought she would find pleasure in that little bite of pain, but she had. She had loved every second of it. “Yes.”

“Is that why you were late? You hoped I would bend you over my knee and paddle your ass again?”

Oh, God.

“Yes.” She hated to admit the truth, but she knew there was no holding back with Luke. It was as though he could read her body.

“Stand up.”

What? Sierra stopped moving, trying to figure out what he was going to do before she did as she was told.


Reluctantly, Sierra put her feet on the concrete floor of the hot tub and pushed herself to a standing position. Her body was flush from embarrassment, her nerve endings humming with arousal as she waited for what he would do next.

“Bend over the side so I can see that sweet, little ass.”

He moved over, giving her room to do as she was told. With a quick glance at him, she noted the lust sparkling in his eyes, and she immediately did as she was told. The air was brisk against her wet skin, the concrete cold as it scraped against her nipples, but Sierra didn’t dare turn back now.

When she felt Luke move against her side, she knew he was moving into position so he could easily do what he threatened to do and she felt her pussy grow wetter, her clit throb with eager anticipation.

The first slap to her ass startled her, a strangled cry escaping, but she didn’t move. The sensation was different than earlier in the day, sharper, biting into her wet skin. Then another, harder than the first, landed, and she bit her lip to keep from crying out. The humiliation nearly overwhelmed her, but the excitement was almost more than her overstimulated body could take.

The next two slaps were in rapid succession, but then he moved, the water sloshing up over her exposed thighs before he separated her ass cheeks and buried his tongue in her pussy while she fought to hold on. Fought the urge to come hard and fast because she didn’t want it to end.