“So fucking tight, baby.” Luke groaned, his control quickly slipping out of his grasp. The way her body gripped him, her muscles flexing around his cock had him gritting his teeth.

“Luke.” Sierra whispered his name, and he stilled inside of her. He was only in halfway, but he feared he was hurting her too much to keep going.

“What, baby? Tell me.”

“Please Luke.” Sierra’s voice became stronger as her body began to rock, her fingers quickening their pace on her clit.

“Tell me what you want, Sierra.” He said, holding his breath, expecting her to tell him to stop.

“Fuck my ass.” She demanded as she tried to thrust her hips backward. “Now!”

The last threads of his control shattered, and he plunged deeper, holding her hips as he began to move forward, then back. When Sierra pushed up onto her hands, pushing against him forcefully, Luke lost it. He thrust hard and fast, deep inside of her ass as her sensual cries spurred him on. Somehow he managed to reach around her, finding her clit with his fingers as he thrust forward, her backward momentum pushing him deeper until his balls drew up tight and his spine tingled.

“I’m going to come, baby. Come for me, Sierra.” Luke barked out the words, unable to slow down, unable to think of anything but coming inside of her.

“I’m coming!” Sierra screamed, and Luke lost all train of thought as his orgasm ripped through him, his cock exploding inside of her.

After carrying Sierra to the shower, managing to wash them both before returning to the bed, Luke half expected them both to pass out from exhaustion. As he lay in the dark room, Sierra’s small frame curled up against him, her head resting on his chest, he knew he would be able to sleep soundly for the first time in forever.

For whatever reason, he couldn’t close his eyes as his brain was overloaded with so many thoughts. He had originally invited Sierra to dinner so that they could talk. Not that he was a man who talked much or often, but there were questions he wanted to ask her. As he lay there, trying to form the words, Sierra threw out a question of her own.

“Are you in love with Cole?”

He was pretty sure she couldn’t have asked him a more unexpected question. Although, based on their time in Vegas and Luke’s own confusion for the last few months, he could understand where she was coming from. He answered truthfully. “I don’t know.”

That very question had plagued his mind for so long, ever since that one night when Cole, Logan and Samantha had joined him at his house. That night, because so many months had passed, was almost a blur. Everything except that moment when he had taken Cole with wild abandon.

Luke pressed against the base of Cole’s spine, pushing him deeper into the mattress, using three fingers to fuck him, gripping his own cock painfully tight. Cole didn’t make a sound, but the way he thrust against Luke’s fingers told him everything he needed to know.

Unable to contain the animalistic growl that tore from his chest, Luke drove his cock forcefully into Cole’s ass, his fingers gripping painfully hard into Coles hips as his entire body hardened, coated in a sheen of sweat..

“Fuck.” Luke began moving inside of Cole, going deep, then pulling back, not being gentle, finally unleashing all of the pent up tension that coursed through him. “So fucking tight.” His words were clipped as he fought to hold on, needing to lose himself in the hard, tight grip of Cole’s body. He slowed his thrust, going deeper, over and over.

“Deeper.” Cole made his own demands, beginning to thrust backward. “Fuck me, damn it! Fuck me!”

And with that, Luke let himself go, their bodies a blur of motion as Luke pounded himself into Cole, grunting and thrusting, leaning over him, holding him tighter, Cole using the strength in his arms to push back against the sensual invasion.

“Damn you!” Luke groaned, unable to restrain the pent up fury, unable to hold back what the man made him feel.

The room erupted in powerful groans and sensual moans as the two men maintained their defiance, seeking what they longed for from the other, but still holding something back.

“Come for me, damn it!” Luke ground out the command as he impaled Cole repeatedly, harder, faster, then reached around grabbing hold of Cole’s cock and stroking in time with his furious thrusts.

Cole howled out his release, a deep, sensual cry interrupting the otherwise heated silence while Luke thrust deeper, once, twice, then he followed Cole over, leaning forward and clamping his mouth on the other man’s shoulder as he groaned out his release.

Even though he thought himself to be in denial for quite some time, Luke knew he had claimed Cole that night. And based on the feelings he had for Sierra that he could very well be in love with Cole.

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