“Bullshit.” Logan stood from his chair. Driving his fingers through his hair, he turned to stare back at Luke. “That isn’t why I came, but while I’m here, you knew I was going to give you my opinion. Figure it out, Luke.”

Luke nodded his head, knowing that his acknowledgment was the only thing that would move Logan on to his true reason for being there. After all, Logan wasn’t telling him something he hadn’t spent the last several weeks thinking about. As a matter of fact, he’d thought of nothing else except that one October night the four of them had been at his house.

What happened had taken him by surprise more than anyone else. Something had shifted deep inside of him, something so unexpected he didn’t know how to deal with it.

He knew what he wanted. It didn’t mean he was happy about it.

For years, he’d been satisfied, or so he thought, with the various trysts he’d experienced. Just the thought of wanting something more permanent, even more monogamous was enough to make Luke’s eyes cross. Where the hell had that come from anyway? Was it the fact that he was getting older?

Shit. He had no idea, but the more he thought about it, the more he came to the realization that he was ready to slow down. Some of those baser urges may never be satisfied, but hell, Luke wasn’t sure he would ever find a woman who could handle what he desired anyway.

Maybe he would have to compromise. Maybe he would have to just… settle. Ok, so that definitely wasn’t the answer. Luke didn’t take kindly to settling for anything less than what he wanted.

And when it came to sex, Luke wanted it all. He wanted his partners to be willing to give in to his every whim. There were lines that would be crossed, and up until the night he had lost all control and taken Cole in a way he had never done with another man, Luke knew there weren’t many lines that he wouldn’t cross.

The problem he knew he would run into would be finding a woman who could handle that side of him. The side of him that sought to find the sheer pleasure from sex – boundaries be damned.

Despite the anger and frustration that continued to build because Luke didn’t believe there was a release for the personal demons that haunted him. The one’s that made him feel like a sexual deviant at times for wanting the full and complete submission of a woman, her willingness to give herself over to him, to trust that he would care for her and take her higher than she had ever dreamed possible.

Not that being with Cole had changed any of those wants, but Luke had found a release that night. One he had never known before. And that had scared him beyond measure. To the point that he wondered about his sexual preferences and wondered if he had been looking in the wrong place the entire time.

Then he realized that he hadn’t been. He wasn’t gay; although that night, the thought had crossed his mind. No, being gay would have been easy to accept, but Luke knew his interest wasn’t only in one gender. He liked women and apparently he found just as much sexual satisfaction in men.

Scratch that. One man.

That life altering realization had come to him after a week of being holed up in his vacation cabin, forcing himself to think things through. To decide what the hell it was that he wanted. And to stop thinking about the fact that he couldn’t change the man that he was, even if he wanted to. Which he didn’t.

And no, Luke wasn’t in any position to talk about, or even deal with what had happened. At least not now.

“So, why did you come?” Luke asked, suddenly more than willing to get this conversation over with.

“I need a favor.” Logan said, this time smiling that mischievous grin that told Luke he wasn’t going to like what came next.

Tipping one eyebrow up, urging Logan to get on with it, Luke didn’t move, and he didn’t say anything.

“XTX has a vendor’s conference in Vegas this weekend. I owe someone a favor and she’s called me on it.”

“A favor?” Where the hell was Logan going with this?

“Sierra is Veronica Sellers’ daughter.” Logan stated.

“So you’ve said.” Luke’s testy response was met with Logan’s even broader smile.

“Sierra’s an interior designer who just moved to Dallas from Nashville to be closer to her mother. She’s looking to build her business here, but she doesn’t have many contacts. Veronica seems to think this conference might be just the place to get her daughter’s name circulating.”

That sounded reasonable enough, but it didn’t explain why Logan was there. “So how does this involve me?” Luke asked, trying to tie it all together.

“I need you to accompany Sierra to Vegas for the conference.” Logan said, taking a step back as though he were already anticipating Luke’s reaction.

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