“Are you a little nervous, baby?” Luke asked, leaning back in his chair like he didn’t have a care in the world.

Yes. “Maybe.”

“And why are you nervous?” He asked in complete Luke fashion, fully expecting her to answer truthfully.

“I – I don’t know.” Ok, so maybe that wasn’t the truth, but she hoped it would suffice.

“You don’t know.” Luke said, glancing over at Cole and then back at Sierra. “Well, why don’t I help you to remember?”

Oh hell.

“Come here, baby.” Luke said, his tone gentle, yet commanding, and Sierra found herself doing exactly as he said.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Luke watched Sierra as she stood from her chair. From the moment she stepped out onto his back porch the woman had been strung so tight, he thought she might break. Even through dinner, when the conversation was light, she had a hard time focusing. It was evident what his intentions were, but he had opted to have dinner first to give her a chance to gracefully back out if that was her choice. Not that he really thought she would.

When Sierra took a step forward, Luke sat up in his chair, placing his hands on her hips and gently turning her until she was facing away from him. He then settled her onto his lap, pulling her back against his chest and twining his fingers with hers. She was shaking, and he didn’t think it had anything to do with the cold.

He had given some thought to how this night would play out long before he called Cole and asked for his help. That had been a huge step for Luke and surprisingly after he laid out his plans, Cole had easily accepted. Tonight would be only about Sierra. Her pleasure was their ultimate goal, and they were both up for the challenge.

“Relax.” Luke whispered in her ear as he pulled her closer against him. “We won’t bite. At least not unless you want us to.”

That elicited a laugh from her which was his intention. When she finally settled, her body relaxing into him, Luke released her hands and placed his palms flat against her stomach. Tonight she wore another skirt, but this one was long, hanging nearly to the floor on her petite frame and he couldn’t help but wonder what she was wearing beneath it. Hopefully nothing.

Her sweater was soft, and he brushed his palms over her stomach, then up to her rib cage before going back down and easing them under the hem so he could feel her smooth, warm skin. When her stomach muscles tightened beneath his hands he smiled. Apparently she was enjoying it so far.

He glanced at Cole, nodding slightly, giving the other man the go ahead. They agreed that tonight would be about her and Luke would not be in charge. Ultimately Sierra would by way of her reaction. Cole agreed to Luke’s request to do as he wished, focusing solely on Sierra.

When Cole eased from his chair, moving down to his knees on the concrete in front of her, Luke felt her body tense once more, but she didn’t try to move away. He continued to use his fingertips to tease the velvety soft skin of her belly, moving up to the underside of her breast before resuming his innocent ministrations. He wouldn’t rush this. Not tonight. No matter how much she begged. And Luke knew she would because they planned to overwhelm her with pleasure.

Luke watched as Cole took one of Sierra’s legs in his big hands, gently kneading her calf while removing her shoes one at a time and discarding them behind him. He continued his mini massage, using his fingertips along the well-defined muscles of her legs and easing upward slowly, lifting the gauzy skirt as he went until the fabric pooled on her thighs while Cole maneuvered in between her legs.

Damn. From where he sat, looking down to see Cole in front of them, he had a front row view. His dick liked the idea as it swelled and throbbed behind his zipper. Luke kept his eyes focused on Cole still kneeling between Sierra’s legs, his lips trailing along the inside line of her calf. When he reached the inside bend of her knee, Sierra sucked in a breath, her stomach muscles tightening more. Sliding his hands down, Luke lifted the edge of her skirt higher, bringing the sexy purple silk of her panties into view.

“You’re going to kill me with all of those silky colors.” Luke whispered in her ear, licking the edge of her ear lobe in the process.

She smelled good, a subtle hint of lavender and vanilla. He wasn’t sure if it was from her shampoo or possibly her perfume. Either way, the scent made him want to lick her more.

Luke focused on kissing her neck, holding her in place on his lap while Cole eased aside those sexy as hell panties so he could expose the bare lips of her pussy. He loved how she kept herself bare down there, and he could tell by how smooth she was that it wasn’t from shaving.

“My dick’s hard just from watching Cole between your legs. I bet your pussy’s soaked, anticipating what it will feel like to have his tongue buried deep inside of you.”

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