Luke wasn’t anticipating an answer, Sierra seemed to be riveted by what was going on between her thighs, so when she spoke up, he stilled his lips on her neck.

“Lick me, Cole.” She urged, but she wasn’t pleading. She was demanding. “Now.”

Cole did as he was instructed, using his index finger and middle finger to separate her labia, sliding his tongue slowly from her clit, down her slit and then back up. He didn’t thrust his tongue inside of her, but Sierra didn’t seem to mind.

“Just like that.” Sierra encouraged.

Luke was riveted by the site of Cole licking and sucking Sierra like a starving man. His eyes were closed, and he was intently focused on using his tongue to taste and torment every inch of her.

“I think it’s time you were naked.” Luke stated as he left the edge of her skirt pooled in her lap while he gripped the hem of her sweater and lifted up until she maneuvered so he could remove it entirely.

Clad only in another sexy as sin demi bra, this one purple to match her panties, Sierra surprised Luke when she immediately unsnapped the front closure, freeing her breasts. Damn that was hot. The way she slid her hands over the full, luscious mounds, palming herself as she groaned. Luke kept her from moving, not allowing her to press against Cole’s inquisitive tongue, so it appeared she was going to take matters into her own hands so to speak.

“I love to watch you touch yourself.” He told her as he moved her hair to the side, ensuring he had a good view. “Do you touch yourself when I’m not around?” He had asked her the question before, but he wanted more detail.


“Tell me what you do. Do you have a vibrator?” He asked, imagining Sierra lying on her bed, her hands between her legs as she fucked herself with a silicone toy. The image was so erotic his dick hardened even more than before.

“Yes.” Sierra stated, her hands slowly sliding into Cole’s hair, but she didn’t try to pull him against her. “It’s blue.” She continued. “Oh! Yes! Right there.” She groaned when Cole began flicking her clit with his tongue, ensuring both she and Luke had a perfect view of his movements.

“Fuck.” Luke groaned. “Spread your legs, baby.”

Luke helped Sierra to open her thighs further, using his own thighs to hold her open so Cole could continue.

“What do you do with that vibrator?”

“I press it against my clit.” Sierra was breathless, her fingers still twined in Cole’s hair. “Cole!”

Luke held onto Sierra, using his fingers to tweak her nipples as Cole increased the pressure. They needed to send her over, at least once before they moved on to the next part. Gripping the inside of her thighs, Luke spread her open and Cole buried his face fully between her legs, using his tongue to delve deeper until Sierra screamed his name once more, her orgasm blasting through her.

“That’s it, baby. Come in his mouth.” Luke urged.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Cole eased from between Sierra’s legs, keeping his hands on her legs, unwilling to stop touching her. The way she had come apart, he’d been hell bent not to do so himself. She was so fucking hot and so responsive Cole had barely managed to restrain himself. And wouldn’t that have made him look like some randy teenager getting laid for the first damn time? Instead, he focused on her, using his tongue how she instructed until she came in a rush.

“Let’s go inside.” Luke stated, but he couldn’t move with Sierra slumped back against him, so Cole took the opportunity and lifted her into his arms, easily carrying her inside the house.

He waited for Luke’s instruction because he didn’t quite know where they were taking this. When Luke nodded his head upstairs, Cole turned and carried her.

This was going to be interesting. The last time they were upstairs was when Logan and Sam had been there. And they all knew how that turned out.

Once inside the room, Cole carried Sierra to the bed and laid her down gently. When Luke made his way over, Cole realized he’d picked up a couple of things on his way. Either that or he had brought them to the room earlier.

Luke didn’t say anything as he moved around the bed, and Cole wasn’t about to ask. He would follow Luke’s lead, and by the end of the night, Cole only hoped Sierra was still willing to look either one of them in the eye.

Luke crawled up on the bed, holding a thin strip of black fabric in his hand. “I’m going to blindfold you now.” He told Sierra, his voice low and gentle. “You up for it?”

“Yes.” She said, her eyes still shut.

“Good.” Luke lifted her head, putting the fabric over her eyes and tying it until it was firmly in place. “Can you see?”