“No.” She whispered, obviously realizing what was really happening.

“This will only heighten your senses.” Cole stated as he moved closer to the bed. Watching Luke, he waited for the man to tell him what the plan was. When he didn’t, Cole took it upon himself to get rid of his shirt. When Luke nodded toward the bed post, Cole wondered what he was doing, but the answer was clear when Luke pulled out two more scarfs, tying one around the bed post closest to him and tossing the other to Cole.

Shit. They were going to tie her to the bed.

Luke eased the scarf around Sierra’s left wrist, and Cole waited for her to protest.

“You trust us, Sierra?” Luke asked.

“Implicitly.” She responded, and based on the assurance in her tone, Cole realized he was worrying for nothing. With her apparent permission, Cole followed Luke’s lead, using the scarf to tie her hand so she had limited movement against the bed. He watched in utter fascination as she writhed, a sensual moan escaping from those sexy lips.

“Damn. You’re beautiful, baby.” Cole hadn’t meant to say the words, but they escaped him anyway, coming out husky, raw with need.

“Touch me.” Sierra moaned, turning her head in his direction, though Cole knew she couldn’t see him.

“Soon.” Luke promised her, moving to the end of the bed.

Without another word, Luke climbed on the bed, still fully clothed, taking one of the two toys he’d placed on the mattress in hand. Cole watched, feeling like a bystander, before realizing he was standing there like an idiot.

Without further hesitation Cole climbed onto the massive bed, moving easily up beside Sierra and lying on his side. Using the tips of his fingers on his right hand, he traced circles from her collar bone, then eased down to the gentle swell of her breast.

The woman was sex personified. So stunningly beautiful with all of that thick, dark hair, and smooth, pale skin. His lips had a mind of their own when he leaned down and softly kissed the area he had just caressed with his finger. He licked gently around the outside curve of her breast, using his tongue to taste the sensitive underside. Without the use of her hands, Cole realized he was free to go as slowly as he wanted because her movements were limited.

While he continued to explore every inch of delectable skin, Luke was using additional scarves to tie her ankles to the bed posts, apparently not content with the fact that she had use of her legs. Sierra didn’t ask questions, and Cole couldn’t help but wonder how long she had fantasized about this.

Chapter Twenty Two

Sierra’s senses were heightened, just like Cole said; at least all of those other than her sight. She was hanging on the precipice of an orgasm that would skyrocket her into the next century, and neither man had done more than touch her. And barely at that.

The idea of being blindfolded and tied to the bed was unfathomable, and honestly the most erotic thing she’d ever experienced. She didn’t know who was who and couldn’t anticipate their next move. The sound of the sheets rustling beneath her, along with the occasional creak of the bed springs had her ears perking up.

What were they planning to do to her? That was the question of the hour, but she wasn’t about to voice it. She didn’t want this to end. And as taboo as this felt, she couldn’t bring herself to be embarrassed. This was heaven.

Having these two gorgeous men spending every ounce of their energy on her pleasure alone was more than she could imagine. It was sensual and carnal all at the same time. She wanted more, but she knew better than to say a word.

The tongue caressing her breast was gentle and lascivious and made her so hot she feared she would break out in a sweat. Not knowing which man it was only heightened the experience. Her instincts told her it was Cole because likely, unbeknownst to him, the man couldn’t help but be gentle, despite the hunger she knew thrived inside of him.

When she felt her legs being spread wide, she fully expected one of them to seat themselves deep inside of her, but her breath hitched in her chest when she felt strong, masculine hands encircling her ankles, followed by a silky fabric. He was tying her completely to the bed, and she’d be damned if she didn’t almost come from the idea.

Here she was, on full display, completely naked, exposed, and highly turned on. Her skin was hypersensitive, the cool air caressing her, followed by that hot tongue doing wicked things to her breast. She hoped he would suck her nipple into his mouth, apply more pressure, but he didn’t. Instead, the tongue laved her nipple then the valley between her breasts before moving on to the other. The bed shifted slightly as he moved over her.

Oh hell. He wasn’t moving on. There were now two mouths on her breasts, both doing different things and Sierra’s mind was nearly overwhelmed by the sensations. She couldn’t focus on just one. Listening intently, she tried to make out the breathing, see if she could determine who was who. Oh, she had an idea because the man who was now feasting on her right breast was much more aggressive, and she figured it was Luke.

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