Not that it mattered because she was lit up from the inside out, relishing in the intensity of two hot mouths on her while their fingers began trailing paths of fire down over her belly, stopping just short of her mound. God they were going to torture her to death.

And then, much to her dismay, they both stopped and the bed dipped once more, this time closer to her head. Sierra felt as though she were being turned upside down, the weight at the head of the bed forcing her backward.

“Open.” Luke’s gruff voice broke the silence and Sierra instinctively opened her mouth, waiting patiently to see what came next.

The object that touched her lips was satiny smooth, yet she could feel the underlying firmness, realizing one of them was about to thrust deep into her mouth, and she welcomed the intrusion. Turning slightly, Sierra used her tongue to flick the mushroomed head, reveling in the salty taste that exploded on her taste buds. Before she had a chance to fully engulf him, there was a hand in her hair, holding her still, and angling her head upward, not tilted to the side like she expected. And then there was another warm, salty male pressing against her lips. They were both above her, both of their iron hard erections pressing against her lips.

Sierra wanted to take them both inside her mouth, but since her jaw didn’t unhinge, she had no choice but to use her tongue to explore them both. The satisfied male groans that filled her ears spurred her on, telling her without words they enjoyed what she was doing. Instinctively she tried to move her hands, wanting to grip them both in her fists while she lavished them with the same attention they had given her. Instead, her silky bonds pulled her arms up short, and she could only use her mouth.

“That’s it, baby.” This time Cole’s raspy words tickled her insides, making her body flush with heat while her mouth was filled with one rock hard erection. “Suck harder.” Cole encouraged her and Sierra did as instructed, part of her wondering whether he was actually filling her mouth or just encouraging her with words.

She could no longer think because she was overwhelmed with sensations, so she decided to stop trying to decipher who was who and simply gave herself over to the feelings. The hand in her hair tightened, a sharp bolt of pain tingling through her scalp.

“Damn, baby. Your mouth is so hot.” And this time it was Luke. Oh, God. She was going to come from the libidinous act, not knowing who was who, yet still overcome with pleasure.

And then they were both pressing the firm tips of their cocks into her mouth, and she was forced to open wider, to wrap her lips around the engorged heads as they thrust slowly, yet firmly into her mouth. She focused on breathing, not wanting to gag, but their sizes overwhelmed her. Seconds before she thought she would choke, they both pulled away, leaving her feeling empty.

“Don’t worry, baby. We’ll both be inside of you before long.”

The excitement of that promise had her moaning as she lay there, anticipating yet again what was about to happen. The bed shifted, and she once again felt righted when there was more weight on the end of the bed, though she could tell one of them was still beside her head.

A soft, almost purring sound interrupted the silence and Sierra couldn’t place the noise, although it was relatively familiar.

“I want those pretty lips wrapped around my cock, baby.” Cole said, his lewd words so unexpected, and yet so fiercely hot, Sierra turned her head in the direction of his voice, opening eagerly before he thrust inside. This time she gave herself over to the act, sucking him in deep. He was in full control as he slid between her lips, over her teeth, forcing himself deeper as she allowed him to use her mouth.

He began to thrust forcefully, faster, harder, filling her with his salty, musky taste and groaning out his pleasure, spurring her on as she used her tongue to the best of her ability to stroke him.

“Suck harder.” His gruff tone ignited those slowly simmering embers that they had lit on the back porch when Cole had buried his tongue in her pussy so expertly.

Just when she was getting used to the rhythm, something touched her clit, both hard and smooth and… Oh! Luke was using a vibrator on her clit and her body lit up like the fourth of July.

She turned her head, releasing Cole’s cock as she groaned, trying to move closer to the stimulation that was igniting sparks deep in her core, her orgasm building… Suddenly Cole gripped her hair once more, turning her head and thrusting into her mouth while Luke plied her clit with vibration causing her to moan around Cole’s cock.

“Damn!” Cole grunted, holding more firmly. “Baby, I’m going to come in your mouth if you keep doing that.”

She wanted that more than anything. Wanted to know that she could bring them pleasure, even without the use of her hands, so she groaned again, waiting, anticipating what was to come.