And just like that, Cole erupted, his unique taste washing over her tongue as he jerked repeatedly in her mouth, holding her head firmly yet gently. When he slowly pulled out, Sierra realized she could so easily get used to this.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Luke watched as Cole’s body tightened, those rock hard muscles in his chest and his arms standing out as though he were bench pressing four hundred pounds, his groan signifying his release. Just watching the man come inside Sierra’s willing mouth had his dick demanding attention.

Not yet.

He wasn’t finished with her yet, and he fully intended to be filling her ass when he came.

Using the small, handheld vibrator, he continued to massage her clit, enjoying the way her hips began to thrust eagerly. When Cole’s eyes landed on him, he tilted his head, pointing out the other toy lying beside him. It didn’t take Cole long to realize what he wanted and the other man joined him at the foot of the bed, lying just outside of Sierra’s splayed legs.

He flipped the switch, the much larger vibrator coming to life and Cole maneuvered so he could thrust the large pink toy inside of Sierra.

“Oh God!” Those were the first words she had spoken since reassuring them that she trusted them with her pleasure, and they were music to Luke’s ears. She had been silent almost the entire time, aside from the random moan and groan that signified they were doing something right.

From Luke’s position, he watched the head of the fake pink cock disappear inside of Sierra’s tight, wet pussy, before retreating back out, over and over. She rocked her hips more forcefully, and Luke increased the pressure against her clit, using her own personal lubrication to smooth over her so he could begin slow circles over the hardened bundle of nerves.

“Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” Sierra screamed as her body flexed, pulling against the scarves that confined her to the bed, her stomach muscles rippling with tension as she held on.

Cole moved once more, angling his body so he could thrust the silicon toy inside of her, deeper, faster, harder.

“Come for us, Sierra.” Cole urged. “Come now, baby.”

And as though only his words were needed, Sierra’s body tightened, her sensual scream pierced the air as her orgasm broke loose.

Unlike before, Luke wasn’t about to let her rest.

Removing the vibrator from her clit, he used her own juices to coat it before easing it beneath the pink toy still impaling her until he found the small, puckered hole that he intended to fill with his cock.

He increased the vibration level before thrusting it inside of her ass while Cole once again began a series of slow, sensual thrusts. Both of them leaned over, using their tongues against Sierra’s clit and Luke reveled in the way Sierra began to thrash against the mattress. When Cole’s tongue touched Luke’s he took the opportunity to duel with him, taking his own pleasure from the moment.

Cole’s eyes locked with his for a brief second before he plunged deep into Luke’s mouth, igniting a bonfire of lust that ricocheted off of his insides. He wasn’t going to survive this, and he had to remind himself that this was for Sierra. Moments later, they both managed to return their attention to Sierra’s clit as she screamed their names repeatedly, coming hard and fast around both of the toys buried deep inside of her.

Luke eased up from the bed, careful with his movements because he feared one brush against his cock would send him into hyperspace. He’d never been so turned on in his life, and he longed to be buried deep inside of Sierra.

Tossing the vibrator to the side, he reached for the bottle of lubricant sitting on the table beside the bed. He waited for Cole to move from the bed, his hands lingering ever so lovingly along the soft skin of Sierra’s thighs.

“Untie her.” He told Cole as he flipped open the cap.

With deft movements, Cole untied Sierra’s arm and leg on one side while Luke did the honors on the other. They both massaged her hands and feet, helping the blood flow to return in the event the restraints had been too tight. He’d done his best not to tie them too tight, but with Sierra’s fragile frame, he wanted to make sure.

“Sit up, baby.” Luke instructed her as he quickly pushed his jeans down over his hips and left them to puddle on the floor. He’d been in such a hurry earlier that he hadn’t bothered to remove them even after Sierra had rattled his thin control with her sweet, sweet mouth. Grabbing the bottle once more, he climbed up onto the bed, situating himself behind Sierra and then pulling her down against him, her back lying flush against his chest.

When she ground her ass against his erection, he thought he would lose it, wondering if the next few minutes even mattered. “Want to see how it feels to have two cocks inside of you?” Luke asked gritting his teeth and trying to create a diversion to keep him from coming too quickly.