Luke situated Sierra so she was in his lap, aligning their bodies so he could slip inside of her when necessary. He handed the lubrication to Cole, who would have better access from his position between Sierra’s legs. With his eyes, he directed a warning to the man, hoping he understood how close to the edge he was riding.

Luke leaned back, holding Sierra atop him, his mouth lined up with her ear. “I’ve been waiting patiently to bury my cock in your ass again, baby. To feel the way you clamp down on me, riding me. It makes me crazy to think about it.”

Luke felt Cole’s firm grip on his cock, and he grit his teeth once more, doing his best to keep from crying out from the sheer pleasure of it. He hadn’t admitted to anyone how much he ached for the man’s rough touch, but it was there nonetheless. When Cole stroked him once, twice, he almost bucked Sierra off of him.

She was still blindfolded so she couldn’t see what Cole was doing, and with her body over top his, Luke couldn’t either. Apparently Cole was out for a bit of revenge of his own making and Luke wasn’t sure he could take it. When he felt Cole’s hot breath against his balls, he knew he was in for it. Thankfully, the man planted his mouth on Sierra instead of him, making her moan and grind against him.

While Cole feasted on her pussy, he used his hands to apply the lubricant to Luke’s dick, using gentle strokes that were making him cross eyed.

“I want to hear you scream my name when I’m buried deep in your ass, Sierra.” Luke groaned, trying his best to divert his attention from the firm grip expertly stroking his cock. “Then I want to feel Cole’s cock glide against mine when he buries himself in your pussy. Do you want to feel us both inside of you?”

“Yes.” Sierra answered, the single word sounding strangled as Cole continued to devour her pussy for the third time tonight. The man was insatiable, but Luke couldn’t blame him. The sweet taste of Sierra’s pussy was addicting.

“Cole’s going to guide my cock into your ass.” Because if the man didn’t, Luke was going to explode. “Then you’re going to have to angle upward so he can fuck that sweet pussy.”

“Please.” Sierra groaned. “Please fuck me.”

Luke was seconds away from screaming the same thing. Finally, Luke felt Cole angling him so he could push up inside of Sierra. With more willpower than he thought he possessed, Luke managed to hang on for the torturously long seconds that it took to seat himself deep inside of Sierra. She was willing, but her body was so tight. “Relax for me, honey.” He coaxed her. “Let me in.”

Seconds later, he was buried to the hilt in her ass while she held perfectly still above him. Then Cole was maneuvering between her legs, his balls shifting against Luke’s as he ever so slowly slid inside of Sierra until they were both inside of her.

She groaned, and Luke wasn’t so sure she was groaning because it felt good or not. He began to move, knowing she would feel incredibly full with them both inside of her.

“Fuck me! Now.” Sierra screamed.

Then Cole was moving, rapidly and without finesse. He lifted Sierra’s knees so they were astride his hips, changing the angle until Luke had to hold Sierra up slightly so they could move. And then, thanks to Cole’s forceful thrusts, Sierra was riding Luke’s cock and the room was filled with the sound of their harsh breaths, the wet sound of their bodies slapping against one another and Luke couldn’t take it anymore.

“Baby, you’re so fucking tight.” He wanted to hang on, but he was at the end of his rope. “I’m not going to last.” The feel of Cole’s cock gliding against his, inside of Sierra was more than he could bear. Sierra began rocking, her ass riding his hips as he impaled her over and over again, Cole managing to fuck her furiously until a deep, thunderous roar shook Luke to his core. As he came hard and fast inside of Sierra, he wasn’t sure whether it was him or Cole who had released the animalistic sound, and at that point, he no longer cared.

Chapter Twenty Three

Two days had passed since Valentine's, and Sierra was still sore in places she would have never imagined. After the most intense sexual experience of her entire life, Cole and Luke had cared for her by joining her in the massive bathtub that took up at least half of Luke’s exquisite bathroom. Even though her body was fully sated at the time, they’d still managed another round. Apparently she would never get enough of those two.

And now Sierra was on her way to meet Sam and Ashleigh for lunch at one of Dallas’ renowned steakhouses. This would be the first time she would be talking to Ashleigh for more than a brief introduction, and admittedly, Sierra was a little nervous.