After having met the woman at Sam’s party, she had to admit she was a little star struck. Perhaps Ashleigh wasn’t aware Sierra knew she was none other than Ashton Leigh, the well-known erotic romance author whose books had been dubbed some of the hottest ever written.

Not that she would blow Ashleigh’s cover, but since the woman’s books were on her own bookshelves at home, she longed to get insight into how she came up with the scandalous and highly erotic scenes that had kept Sierra up many a night. When Sam invited her to have lunch with them, Sierra assured her friend she wouldn’t say a word unless Ashleigh brought up the subject.

Pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant, Sierra opted for valet parking, choosing to forego the torturous walk from the far recesses of the parking lot. She’d gotten in enough exercise for one week as far as she was concerned. The heated reminder sent a blush across her cheeks, and Sierra only hoped the valet didn’t notice. Handing him her keys after he opened her door, she looked the other way, trying to avoid the man’s inquisitive eyes, just in case.

Once inside, she gave her name to the pretty young woman standing at the hostess stand. Moments later, she was being seated alongside Sam at a table in the back.

“Ashleigh’s on her way. She said she got sidetracked this morning, and the time had gotten away from her.”

Sierra smiled knowingly. “Is Alex still pursuing her relentlessly?”

“That would be my guess, but I don’t know for sure.” She said quietly. “Logan mentioned that the two of them had been seen at the club over the weekend. Together.”

“Well, that’s progress at least.” The waitress returned and asked for Sierra’s drink order, in which she gave. Once the two women were alone again Sierra turned to her friend. “I know I’m not supposed to ask, and you are definitely not supposed to tell, but is Alex a member of the club?”

Sam glanced in both directions, as though trying to ensure there wasn’t a Club Destiny spy hanging out in the near vicinity before lowering her voice even more. “Yes.”

“Does he –” Before Sierra could finish the question – engage in threesomes – Ashleigh approached the table, a glowing smile gracing her beautiful features.

“Hey, ladies.” Ashleigh greeted, as though they were all long lost friends. Since Sierra didn’t have any close friends in the Dallas area, she and Sam had discussed on occasion reaching out to Ashleigh to see if the woman would be interested in joining their weekly girls’ lunch get-togethers. Apparently Ashleigh had been onboard with the idea.

“Hey, Ash.” Sam greeted, and then turned to Sierra with a conspiratorial twinkle in her eye. “Is it me or is she glowing?”

“Oh hush.” Ashleigh said sweetly, taking the vacant seat between the two women. “I am definitely not glowing. Alex couldn’t get that lucky.”

Sierra grinned, relieved that Ashleigh could at least joke about the not so subtle man who was doing everything in his power to make his interest known.

“Well, that’s a shame.” Sam stated, perusing the menu. “I was hoping at least one of us could share some juicy details about their love life.”

Was it her or did Sam sound disappointed? She heard the woman’s attempt at light hearted banter, but Sierra got the impression there was some truth to the statement. Instead of responding, the three women reviewed their menus until the waitress returned to take their order. Once the girl was off to put in their lunch order, they all turned back to one another.

“So, since I’m fresh out of sexy stories, I’m all ears if either of you would like to share.” Ashleigh stated with a grin.

Right. As if the woman didn’t have lewd and lustful thoughts filling that brain of hers. How she managed to come up with some of the creative scenes in those books of hers was beyond Sierra. When both women’s gazes landed on her, Sierra blushed. Profusely.

“What?” She asked, realizing the guilt was front and center in the single word.

“Spill it.” Sam stated firmly.

“There’s nothing to spill.” Sierra knew how transparent she sounded, but good grief, she couldn’t imagine sharing the intimate details of what happened between her and Luke and Cole with anyone. Even Sam.

“If the grapevine is accurate, and, unfortunately, it usually is, I heard Cole was invited to Luke’s house on Valentine’s night. Would there be any truth to that rumor?” Sam asked ever so bluntly.

Sierra stared back at both women, and for the first time she actually longed to share her thoughts with them. She longed to have the kind of relationships she had left behind in Nashville, ones where she could share her life with her friends and feel safe and secure in doing so. She hadn’t had that since she moved to Dallas. After a second of thought, she shrugged her shoulders and decided to go for it.