And with that, Sierra listened intently as Sam discussed her desire to incorporate the newest member of Club Destiny into her extracurricular bedroom activities. Although from what Sam said, they very seldom restricted those activities to the bedroom.

She only hoped Sam didn’t see the sudden and intense relief that washed over her from the admission. Knowing that Sam and Logan had shared a bed with Luke and accepting that fact were two entirely different things. Since Sierra had developed strong feelings for Luke, she wasn’t interested in sharing him with anyone else. Well, unless you counted Cole.

Chapter Twenty Four

Sierra spent the rest of the week trying to appease one very demanding, very selfish lawyer. Yes. Selfish. It was no wonder the woman wasn’t in a relationship, or not that Sierra could tell anyway. She thought of only herself and Sierra found the trait rather annoying. However, that didn’t change the fact that Sierra worked for her. So she continued to put her best foot forward, doing what Susan asked and gritting her teeth in the process.

The week droned on and thankfully Sierra had an appointment with one of the other clients she met at the conference and that meeting turned out to be the polar opposite of any she had had with Susan. The man, Mr. Brendon Cason, a well to do architect whose eye for design was right along the lines of Sierra’s, was happy with her ideas. She had spent the better part of two days placing orders and tying up a couple of loose ends. Lucky for her, the weekend was in full force because she was more than ready for a break.

So when Sam invited her to Club Destiny for drinks, she hadn’t been able to refuse. And here she was, sipping one of those drinks as she watched intently while various groups of people laughed and had a good time around her. She was all for the good time, but, unfortunately, Luke apparently had other plans for her. Upon her arrival, he immediately exiled himself to his office to do whatever it was that he did.

“How are you and Luke doing?” Sam asked, and although the question sounded innocent enough, Sierra knew Sam picked up on the apparent tension between the two of them.

Sierra just wished she knew where it was coming from. Since Valentine’s Day, she hadn’t seen much of Luke, both of them so busy that their schedules never seemed to sync up. Now Sierra wondered if that hadn’t been planned on Luke’s part.

Sierra glanced behind her, as though Luke might be lurking somewhere in the vicinity. As if.

“I don’t know. Until tonight, I thought things were fairly normal. We’ve both been busy, so I haven’t seen much of him.”

Sam appeared to be lost in thought, as though trying to figure out what could have happened. “Logan said there was a problem at the club, so maybe that’s keeping him busy.”

Possible, but not likely.

How much time could it possibly take to determine the consequences for one of your employees that had been caught stealing? Yes, Sierra knew all about the problem Luke was dealing with. Luke had shared the details with her one night over dinner, the only night she had managed to coax him over to her place so she could spend just a little time with him. Luke had played down the actual theft, but strangely tried to play up his thoughts on Cole’s relationship with the woman. Sierra had been stunned to learn Cole could possibly be seeing someone, and she hadn’t believed it for a minute, but Luke had been rather convincing.

After what happened on Valentine’s, Sierra found it hard to believe Cole would have volunteered to come over if his affections were diverted elsewhere. He wasn’t that type of man, Sierra knew that much. But, instead of arguing with Luke, she’d let him tell the story and even asked the right amount of questions, all of which Luke continued to answer the same. Apparently Cole found someone and Luke wouldn’t be surprised if he lost interest in the two of them. Sure, the comment stung, but Sierra hadn’t argued.

That was the first sign that Luke was trying to withdraw from her. And likely Cole as well. If she had to guess, he was overwhelmed by what happened between them, to the point that he was running. Even if it was figuratively.

Not wanting to dwell on the depressing thoughts, Sierra changed the subject. “Luke told me CISS is taking on another big client. What does that mean for you?”

“I’m not quite sure yet. Dylan, Alex and I have talked a little about what I might be doing for them, but we haven’t carved out the plan. The only thing I do know is Logan isn’t too happy with the idea of me leaving XTX.”

“Do you have to leave?” Sierra asked pointedly.

“Not necessarily, but if you want to know the truth, I’m kind of intrigued by the idea. My contract with XTX isn’t up for another year and a half, so I’ve got some time to convince Logan.”