On a normal day that look would have Luke backing her against a wall and taking her hard and fast until she screamed his name.

Not today.

Not ever again.

He was right on one thing… Sierra deserved so much better than him. She deserved everything. And if Luke had a chance in hell of making her understand he was the man who would give her everything, he had to take that opportunity.

“Luke, I didn’t mean…” Susie began when she realized Luke wasn’t at all interested in her submissive act.

“That’s enough.” Luke scolded her like a recalcitrant child.

The woman had the audacity to lean into him, pressing her breasts against his chest, and the look in her eyes was smoldering. She was definitely getting off on this. Taking a step back, Luke took inventory of those around him.

Great. Just fucking great.

He’d gotten the attention of damn near everyone in the club, including Lucie and Kane. The two of them were staring at him like another head had just sprouted from his shoulders. They shouldn’t be all that surprised that he would lose his shit like this. It’d been a long time coming.

“Fuck.” Luke groaned, running his hand through his hair before turning away from both Cole and Susie.

He needed to get out of there, and he needed to do it now. A glance and a nod in Kane’s direction and the other man knew exactly what Luke expected. Kane was likely getting used to being in charge. Maybe he should consider giving him a raise. At least the club would be handled.

Before he could get five feet away, Cole was breathing down his neck, gripping his arm and jerking him around to look at him.

“You and I… we’re going to talk. Tonight. I’ll be at your place in a half hour. Don’t you dare fucking run away.” Cole told him before walking away.

Luke didn’t have a chance to argue. That was fine with him. There would obviously be time to do that later. He only hoped the fire that ignited his blood had extinguished by then. If not, he couldn’t be responsible for his own actions.

“Sam is taking Sierra back to your place.” Logan stated when he fell into step with Luke. “She was in no shape to drive, so Sam convinced her to let her take her home. Only Sam had a few ideas of her own, and you can thank her for it later.”

Luke glared at his brother through the fading red haze. “Logan –”

Before Luke could get another word out, Logan took a step in his direction. “Save the explanations for Sierra. She doesn’t deserve this shit, man. You’re a ticking time bomb, Luke, and if you don’t get your shit together, you’re not the only one who’s going to get hurt in all of this.” Logan stated, his jaw clinched tight. “If you want to self-implode, you go right ahead, the rest of us can’t seem to get through to you. It’s your fucking life, so do what you will. But, don’t… don’t you dare take Sierra down with you.”

That was a threat if Luke had ever heard one. The words were loud and crystal clear as they ricocheted through Luke’s confusion riddled brain. His brother was right about one thing… Luke was a ticking time bomb and heaven help anyone who got in his way tonight.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Twenty minutes later, breaking at least a handful of traffic laws and possibly the sound barrier on one occasion, Luke was pulling up to his house. Rather than pull into the garage, he haphazardly parked the big truck in the driveway and stormed into the house. Thankfully he’d managed to cool off at least a degree or two during the drive home, but now he wanted nothing more than to see Sierra. To explain.

Explain what, he didn’t know. He only knew she deserved more than what he showed her tonight. For the last week, ever since that night with Sierra, Luke’s chemical make-up had been altered. She made him feel something… want something… and it scared the living shit out of him. So, instead of manning up, he’d been doing his level best to avoid her. And yes, Cole had nailed it accurately. Luke had run away. Maybe not physically this time, but he’d definitely managed to exile himself from Sierra, and the woman had tried to give him the space he needed. Instead of explaining himself, he’d been the selfish bastard he’d always been, and he’d pushed her away.

“Sierra.” Luke called out when he walked in the door, but there was no sign that anyone was in the house. His sister-in-law had a key because she and Logan had taken care of Bear while he’d been away, so he’d fully expected to see them both inside.


She wasn’t there.

Bear came ambling out from the bedroom, obviously picking up on Luke’s mood and staying on the sidelines. “Hey, Bear.” Luke greeted the dog, who still didn’t head toward him.

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