“You got that right. Mr. Cox thought you should work with Niall with some online and social media stuff.” Craig called over Niall.

“Niall this is Leah Hammond. She’s a personal friend of Mr. Cox so behave.”

“I always behave.” But he had a mischievous grin that suggested he didn’t. It wasn’t smarmy or smug though. He looked like the type of person I’d have fun hitting the clubs with.

“Come on Hammond, we’ve got people to influence.” He nodded toward the back corner of the large room where there were several computers, a photography set up, racks of the current and next season’s lingerie line, and many of the toys.

“Can you have pictures of the toys on social media?” I asked.

“No, we have to get really creative. But we can run ads on search engines and Reddit. Plus Sensual Delights has a blog now.” He pulled up his phone. “For social media, we’re mostly focused on Instagram and have some promotions on others, but that’s mostly the nightwear stuff.” He looked me up and down. “Maybe you want to model? We’re currently targeting the single 20-something crowd.”

“Do they really need sex toys?” Of course, how could I to judge? I was a 20-something who’d never been touched. Well, that wasn’t completely true anymore, but I was still technically a virgin.

Niall laughed. “Everyone needs sex toys sometimes, but I mean for the lingerie.”

“Don’t you have models?”

“They do.” He nodded toward the other side of the room. “But as you probably know, social media and online marketing for these things often does best when it seems spontaneous with regular people. Maybe you could take a few selfies in some of the active wear.”

I shrugged. “Sure, why not?”

But first he showed me the ropes, and I fell into an easy comradery with him. He was boyishly good looking, friendly, and really seemed to know his stuff when it came to online media.

“So, do you have a favorite?” He asked me as we looked over the data from the latest online ad campaigns.

“Favorite what?”

“Toy. The best way to market something is to test it.” He gave me that cocky grin again that had me laughing.

“And you’ve tested them all out? Even the dildos and vibrators?”

“For those I found a willing woman to review.”

“Of course.” I smirked. “So, what’s your favorite?”

“The vibrating blow job. Second best to the real thing.”

I laughed. It was so strange to feel comfortable talking about sex toys with a man I’d only just met. But people at work talk about work, in this case, sex toys were a part of work.

“Have you seen the new dildo?” he asked me.

I shook my head. “New?”

“Rumor is that it’s modeled after the big guy himself.”


He laughed. “Wouldn’t that be something? No, Cox.” Niall went over to a closet and opened it. “Personally, I’m hoping it never goes to market. It will end the need for men.”

He pulled out a large, thick dildo. I didn’t know enough about penises to judge it compared to men in general, but I knew enough about Sebastian’s cock to know the dildo wasn’t quite built to scale. I remembered Sebastian being even thicker. Still, it was sizable.

“At least you have the sperm.”

He shook his head. “Women can buy that now too. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you.” He grinned at me. “Wanna try it?”

I took it and looked at it. “It is impressive.”

“I’ll tell you, Leah, if I could get a picture of you with that monster on social media, you’d sell a million of them.”

I shook my head thinking he was joking. “You think?”

He laughed. “Your look is the perfect mix of innocent and sexy. Men dig that.”

“Do they?”

He snatched the dildo back. “I’ve changed my mind. You’re young and should experience more of the real thing before spoiling it.” He looked suggestive as if he might want to help me experience the real thing.

We went back to reviewing data when he asked, “So what are you doing when you graduate?”

“I’m not sure. I should be looking for a job, but I’m considering taking some time off. Maybe to travel.”

“Cool. I did some traveling after school. Paid my way by freelancing. I was lucky that when I got back to the States, this job was open. I’m a lucky fuck to get a job at a company dedicated to sexual pleasure.”

“Are you from New York?”

“Nah. I’m from Indiana. My friends from home think I’m a rock star now since I work with sex toys. Hey, how about we try some of the new fall stuff? You game to try it on? We can test it with my homeboys. They’ll be jealous that I’m working with you.”

“Your life is so good.”

He grinned. “Don’t I know it.” He went to the rack of clothes and pawed through them. “How about this?”

He held up a dark teal negligee. Compared with the rest of the line, it was fairly tame with string straps over the shoulder, and a deep v-cut between the breasts, but loose everywhere else.

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