She looked up from where she still held my cock. “I love how you taste.”

Ah fuck, she was going to make me hard again. “What is it about you, Leah?”

She shrugged, as she licked my tip, making my cock twitch again. “Innocence mixed with sexiness?”

I nodded, accepting that answer even though I’m not sure that was it. Yes, there was something appealing about Leah’s combined innocence and sexual appeal, but there was something else, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. I only knew that it made my chest feel strange.

It must have been guilt because I was looking down on my intern, with my cum on her lips, and wondering what Henry would do if he found out. He’d disown our friendship for sure. What I’d hate most was the disappointment, and the feeling of betrayal he’d feel. He deserved more than that from me. Hell, Leah deserved more than her boss going down on her. I was such an asshole.

I moved away from her before my cock got other ideas. “We should clean up.”

I saw disappointment in her eyes, but she nodded, gathered her clothes and headed into the bathroom. I used a tissue to clean my dick and zip up.

I walked to the window and looked out over Manhattan, wondering what the fuck was wrong with me. I was better than this. Sure, she was smart, sexy, woman, so it wasn’t so odd I’d be drawn to her. But why the hell was she willing to get naked for me? Why did she want me to deflower her when she could have a man closer to her age? Not Niall, because he had a reputation as a player. But a man who would give her more than just an orgasm. A man who’d care for her, love her. That’s what a woman like Leah should have for her first time.

“I guess I’ll go back to marketing.”

I turned, and my heart ached as I saw her looking so young and pretty looking up at me. “Keep your clothes on.”

She smiled, and I felt like I’d been hit by a two-by-four.

“You’re the boss.”

Her words were a reminder at how dangerous my actions were to my future. I felt like I should tell her that this couldn’t keep happening, but I saw in her eyes that she knew. She turned and headed out of my office. I felt relieved, and somewhat disappointed.

Chapter 8


The way Sebastian touched me was electric. The power I felt at sucking his dick and making him come was intoxicating. I wanted to do it over and over, but I could see his regret once finished. It hurt that he’d regret it, and yet, I knew his libido was fighting with his conscious. So far, I was winning. I didn’t like that he felt tormented about it and wished I could make him see that what we were doing wasn’t wrong.

I’d been thrilled when I realized he was jealous at Niall’s attention. Deep down Sebastian wanted me. I held onto the thought as I left him wallowing in guilt and went back to work.

The next day I was back at class and working on my thesis, giving us both a day to reflect. On my end, I was more committed than ever to having him fuck me, even though I was uncertain he’d fit. He was so thick and long when I first took him in mouth, and then to feel him grow as I sucked him off thrilled me and yet, when I tried to imagine it inside my body, it was a little scary. Would he fit? Would it hurt?

I’d heard the first time could hurt, and I was prepared. But with a man his size, would it always hurt? I was so desperate to find out.

On Friday, I did my work with Niall and while we flirted, he didn’t ask me to model and instead we stuck to analyzing data and planning future online media campaigns.

“You going to the party tonight?” Niall asked me as we cleaned up for the day. Sensual Delights was celebrating ten years in business. I think Sebastian wouldn’t have minded letting the day pass without any fanfare. I suspected it was because his wife wasn’t there to share it with him. But his staff felt it was an important milestone. When Sebastian asked my father about it, my father concurred and suggested that if he didn’t want a big gala, he could at least have some sort of recognition at work. Sebastian compromised with an office party this evening. He let all staff and interns go home early to prepare, it was still afternoon when we headed out.

“I am.”

“I’ll see you there then, if your dance card isn’t full.”

I nodded. “I’ll check the list.”

At home, I went through my closet to figure out what to wear. I had decided on a safe black number since I was an intern and it didn’t seem appropriate to dress to kill. But after my encounters with Sebastian in his office, I decided it was time to go all the way, and that meant dressing to ensure he couldn’t resist me.

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