Later in the afternoon, I took another hot bath, still feeling a little sore. Then I got ready for my night out with the girls. For the most part, we were a low-key casual group. But when we went out, we liked to get dressed up. That meant a hot dress and full night time make up.

It was almost summer and warm, so I chose a red backless halter dress that was fitted without being too snug. Tastefully sexy. I curled my short blonde locks and combed them into a Marilyn Monroe inspired look. I didn’t go too heavy on the makeup, but I did wear red lipstick. I studied myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. I wondered about what Sebastian would think I remembered the way he looked at me in his company’s lingerie and the silk nightgown I’d modeled for Nialle. I decided he would like this outfit, although he’d feel guilty about it.

It was late enough that my father should’ve been back from golfing. Sometimes Sebastian came over after they golfed, and they drank beer and played cribbage. It was an evil thought, but I hoped he was there so he could see me, and what he was missing by denying himself.

I grabbed a shawl and handbag and headed to my father’s side of the apartment.

“I’m getting ready to head out, dad,” I called as I made my way toward the living area. I heard talking in the eat-in area of the kitchen and knew the deep voice talking to my dad. Sebastian was here.

I stepped into the kitchen and immediately looked to Sebastian. I wanted to see him. To get my eyeful, but also, I wanted him to see me. To see how he’d react.

His eyes widened, and his jaw went slack and then his mouth snapped closed.

I smiled, liking his reaction.

“You look ready to take on the town.” My father rose from his chair to give me a hug.

“The ladies in my study group want to blow off some steam.”

“Isn’t she pretty, Sebastian?”

Sebastian swallowed, as his gaze inventoried every inch of my body.

My father frowned. “This is my daughter, Sebastian.”

“Right, sorry…” He turned away.

My heart dropped. Sebastian had been right. I wanted to say something to make my father see that I was a grown woman. That it was okay for Sebastian to see me as a beautiful woman.

“Sebastian had a tough round of golf today.” My father returned to his seat across from Sebastian.


“It was like when I first taught you,” he said to Sebastian.

Sebastian mustered a smile. “Everyone has an off day now and again.”

“True.” My father turned his attention to me. “Will you be late?”


Sebastian’s jaw tensed.

“Well be safe. Be sure to check the credentials of any cars you order and stay with your friends.”

“I know.” No wonder Sebastian worried about my father. My father was treating me like a kid. I walked over and kissed my father on the cheek. “I’ll be safe.”

As I walked passed Sebastian, I put my hand on his shoulder. He stiffened under my touch. “I’m sorry about golf. Perhaps you can win back your losses in cribbage.” I wanted to kiss his cheek, but thought that would be too personal. I patted his shoulder, and as I did, I looked down and noticed his sizable erection. I arched a brow.

Sebastian shifted, moving himself closer to the table to hide his lap. “Have fun, Leah.” He said the words, but the tone suggested he didn’t mean it.

I hated to torture the poor guy, but he brought it on himself. I’d have been perfectly happy right then to tell my father that I was attracted to Sebastian and wanted to see him more personally. But Sebastian had made his choice.

So with a final goodbye to them, I headed out to enjoy a night in the city with my friends.

Chapter 11


Jesus fucking Christ. I wasn’t sure what was worse; knowing Leah was going out clubbing looking sexy as hell, or the hardon I was sporting while in her father’s kitchen. That woman was going to be the death of me.

I’d already had a difficult enough time playing golf with him, knowing the things I’d done to her the night before. Things that I enjoyed way too much. Things that I replayed in my mind this morning in the shower and came all over the tile wall. Things I wanted desperately to do again.

I could hardly look Henry in the eyes as we walked on the course. But my demeanor and inability to hit a straight shot didn’t go unnoticed by Henry.

“Last night getting to you?” he finally asked as we walked toward the tenth hole.

“What?” My heart rate shot up to a million beats per minute. Did he know that I’d shoved my dick into his daughter?

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