I gave him a warm smile and started to walk away. His arm reached out across my belly to stop me. I looked up into his dark eyes again, wondering what he was doing.

“Ah fuck it.” He pulled me to him, and his lips swooped down, capturing mine in a sizzling, explosive kiss. I gripped his robe labels mostly to keep from flying off into oblivion as his lips crushed mine. When his tongue sought entrance to my mouth, I willingly let him in. He tasted dark, dangerous, intoxicating, although that might have been the scotch.

I groaned, pressing closer to him, desperate to hold on for as long as possible. Who knew how long this would last before he came to his senses? But then the world was moving. He picked me up, and carried me, never breaking the kiss.

He bumped into something, and with one hand still wrapped around me, he took one sleeve of his robe off, switched me in his arms and took the other side off, letting the robe drop.

He finally set me on my feet, although I’m not sure how I was standing, my legs felt like jelly. He undid the back of my halter dress, pulling it down.

Only then did he break the kiss, as he dropped down and sucked my sensitive nipple into his mouth. I cried out as pleasure speared through my body, and I gripped his head to hold him there. Good god what he could do with his mouth.

With his other hand, he pushed the rest of my dress down. It pooled around my feet. He dragged his tongue down across my belly, hooking his fingers in my panties and yanking them down.

He pushed me back on the bed, pulling the panties from my legs, he tossed them aside, then quickly settled between my thighs, and devoured my pussy with his mouth. Immediately I was writhing and moaning in pleasure. He sent me flying into an orgasm that had my whole body feeling like it was on fire.

He moved up my body, and again he was kissing me. His mouth was wet as I tasted myself on him. His large body pressed me into the mattress. I heard the side drawer open, and I marveled out how he could multitask while kissing.

He rolled off me, and in quick work had a condom package opened and his hard length sheathed. Then he was on me again, his dick pressing at my entrance.

He levered back on his knees and pushed my knees up to my chest. He widened his thighs, and gripping my hips, he pulled me down until they were flush his, his dick laying on my stomach.

His dark eyes watched me intently, as he took his cock and slapped my belly with it, and then he pressed the head to my pussy.

“Yes…” My hips rose, wanting to feel him fill me again.

He took his time, his slow pace belying the fierce need I saw in his eyes. He inched in, slow but sure. It felt divine the way his cock fit inside me. I felt each hard ridge of his dick as it went deeper and deeper until finally, he hit the limit and then held still.

“Fuck.” It was the first thing he’d said since kissing me. His eyes were wild, but he didn’t move, as my body adjusted to his size.

He leaned forward, his large hands massaging my tits, and pinching my nipples. Instinctively, my body rocked around his cock.

“Yes, Sebastian… more…”

He shifted, laying his body over mine and sucking my nipple into his mouth. White hot electricity shot to my pussy. He ground his hips against mine, and tilted his pelvis, hitting my clit and I exploded again in a violent orgasm.

“Oh fuck… fuck…” He levered up on his hands and began to pump, harder and faster into me as he chanted “fuck” over and over.

My pussy was spasming taking my breath away with its intensity, as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body. I gripped his back, holding on so I didn’t come apart into a million pieces.

He threw his head back, and roared a long, “Fuuuuucccckkk,” as he slammed his cock deep inside until it couldn’t go any deeper. He ground against my hips as he groaned and panted and then did it again. And again, until finally he collapsed on me.

I loved the feel of his skin against my skin and his weight pressing me into the mattress. This is what I’d imagined sex was like. Which wasn’t to say I hadn’t enjoyed all the things he’d done to me before. But this, his laying on top of me, was what I’d wanted. Intimacy. I savored it because I was certain it would be gone shortly.

He reached between us and then rolled off me, his fingers holding the condom in place as he slipped out of me. He then sat up, swinging his legs over the side of the bed and stood.

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