She came to sit next to me, taking a slice of apple and cheese.

We sat quietly in the dark room, lit only by the moon outside. I watched her for a moment, in awe of her beauty and kindness, and poleaxed by my reaction to her. Never before had a woman so completely turned me inside out.

“Are you ready for graduation?” I asked her.

She nodded. “My thesis is about done. As long as I get a good review on my internship.” She frowned. “I suppose it could be construed that I slept my way to a good grade.”

I tugged on a short blonde curl, surprised by my gesture. I wasn’t a touchy-feely man. “You’ve done a superb job, Leah. But in the future, perhaps you can resist seducing the boss.”

She laughed. “I don’t think that will happen again.”

“I suppose it will be the boss seducing you.” The idea of it made my gut roil. I couldn’t stand the idea of another man touching her.

She shrugged and then turned to me. “I didn’t choose you because you’re my boss.”

“Oh?” I knew I should put the kibosh on this topic. It wasn’t wise to hear the truth about why she chose me. I couldn’t afford to let this become more than physical enjoyment for her.

“I’ve had a crush on you since you hit on me at my dad’s holiday party when we first met.”

I winced. “I didn’t know you were Henry’s daughter then. Or only nineteen.” Although I should have guessed. Leah looked young. At the time, I was sleeping, or more accurately, fucking, my nights away with any willing woman.

“Too bad for me. I might have lost my V-card sooner.”

I laughed. “You can’t tell me you haven’t had other opportunities.”

She turned her body toward me, pulling her legs underneath her. She was buried in my robe, and yet somehow, she still looked sexy. “I guess I did. But only you made me hot.”

I barked out a laugh. It amazed me how honest and open she was. There was no guile. No hidden agenda. Just Leah.

“This old man still has it.” I finished my wine.

“You’re not old, Sebastian.” She cocked her head. “Does the age difference bother you?”

“Only when I think about it.” I nodded to her nearly empty wine glass. “Want more?”

She shook her head and put the glass on the coffee table. “Does the age bother you or that you’re friends with my father?”

I sighed. “Your being Henry’s daughter bothers me more. I feel like I’m betraying him, Leah. I don’t like it. But I can’t seem to help it. What the fuck is it about you?”

She smiled and it was so bright it made my heart stop for a second. Then it turned coy as she took my wine glass and set it on the table. “Time for a lesson.”

Immediately, my dick perked up.

“I want to be on top. Can I?”

I nodded toward my lap, where my cock was full and hard pushing my robe open.

She looked at him and licked her lips, causing me to groan.

“But first.” She leaned over and took my dick in her mouth.

“Fuck, Leah.” I watched her head bob up and down, letting my fingers slide through the silky strands of her hair. She worked my dick, licking around the rim and sliding down taking as much as she could into her mouth.

I slipped my hand under her body and drew my fingers through her pussy folds. Her hips ground against my fingers and she moaned around my dick, the hum sending a shot of electricity through me.

I pressed a finger inside her wet pussy and she released my cock from her mouth, stroking him with her hand as she started to ride my fingers.

“I want this inside me,” she said as she squeezed my dick.

I reached into the pocket of my robe where I’d thought ahead enough to toss in a couple of condoms. I pulled one out, ripping open the packet and then rolling the prophylactic over my dick.

“Take what you want, baby.”

She straddled my thighs, looking a bit hesitant. I was about to offer advice, when she positioned herself over my cock.

“Take your time, Leah.” I caressed her thighs. In reality, I wanted her to impale herself on me, but she was still new at this, and I couldn’t imagine that she wasn’t sore.

She rubbed the head of my cock through her pussy folds and then slowly settled over him, taking him in, inch by torturously slow inch. I bit my lip to keep from lifting my hips and finishing the job.

Her hands gripped my shoulders as she eased down, slid up, and then eased down further. It felt fucking awesome. I wasn’t usually a man who took his time during sex. I’d tried, sometimes, to be slow with her knowing it was still new to her, but normally, I was a man who plunged in, came, and then was out. This slow form of sex was new to me, and while it was deliciously pleasurable, it was also maddening.

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