“Oh yeah baby…”

I slid my hand under him, massaging his balls.

He jerked. “Fuck yes… Jesus… so good…” He pumped a few more times and then withdrew his dick. “Suck my cock, Leah. Make me come in your hot mouth.”

He held his dick, guiding it to my mouth. I opened, letting him slide in as I pressed my lips against the hot, hard skin.

“Oh fuck…”

I continued to massage his balls as he pumped in and out of my mouth. I used my other hand, wrapping around the base of his dick to give him more friction. His cock grew thicker and harder with each pump.

I slid my hand to the soft skin behind his balls and pressed and rubbed.

“I’m gonna come…” He growled. “Fuck here it comes.” He thrust in, nearly making me gag as hot liquid coated the back of my throat. I sucked harder, squeezed my hand tighter.

He groaned and shot another load in my mouth. “Fuck so good…” He withdrew then and pushed my hand a way as he wrapped his hand around his cock and jacked off, sending more of his semen spraying on my tits.

“Rub it in your tits.”

I used my fingers to massage his cum on my breasts.

“Yes, so fucking hot.” He yanked his cock, and more cum shot out. I was coated in his essence when he finally sat back on his heels to catch his breath. Then he spread out over me, and his mouth sucked on my tits coated in his cum.

My pussy contracted again at how erotic this was. I’d known there were different ways to have sex, but I’d always thought the messy wild ways were for porn and not something regular people did. On the other hand, Sebastian had a successful business selling sexual satisfaction. So maybe this was out of the norm. I couldn’t imagine my father and mother doing the things Sebastian and I had done.

He continued to suck one nipple and then the other, each tug of his lips making my pussy grow hotter and needier until my hips were gyrating.

He lifted his head to look at me. “Touch yourself, Leah.”

I liked it better when he did it, but I complied, sliding my fingers through my folds and pressing against my clit. He levered back and watched as I touched myself.

“Keep going.” He got up from the bed and went to his closet and then came back. He had a rubber ring on his finger with nubby raised area. He pressed the side of the nubby area and it hummed in vibration.

“Put this on.” He slipped the cock ring on my middle finger, turning the nubby side in toward my hand. “Now fuck yourself, Leah. I want to watch you make yourself come.”

I was self-conscious but how many times had I seen him jack off? I could do this. I inserted my finger into my pussy. The vibrating nubby part hit my clit, and I cried out as pleasure shot up.

He knelt next to me, sliding his hand over his growing cock. “That’s right, fuck yourself Leah.”

I slid my finger in again and again, and other times I just pressed the vibrating toy against my clit, letting it ratchet my need higher and higher, as I watched Sebastian pleasure himself.

“Don’t you have a toy?” I asked, knowing I was close to coming but not quite ready to let myself go.

“You want to see me come with a toy?”

I nodded.

He got up, and I marveled at his dick that stood out, bobbing as he walked to his closet again. He came back with a toy that looked like a pussy attached to a clear tube. He also had a tube of lube that he used to coat his dick.

His eyes watched mine as he took his lubed up cock and pressed it to the fake pussy. He groaned as he pressed in and his cock filled the clear the tube. It was so erotic, I nearly came just from watching that.

“Keep fucking yourself, Leah.”

I returned to pumping my finger in out of my pussy, each time the vibrator hit my clit, making my need coil tighter.

“Tell me when you’re going to come.” He slid the fake pussy up and down his cock.

“I’m close…” Pretty soon, the need was too much. It was torture to try to hold back. I pressed the vibrating nub to my pussy. “I’m coming…” My orgasm slammed into me hard and fast.

“Fuck yeah.” Sebastian pulled off his fake pussy and jacked his cock again, coming on my stomach.

Finally, the waves of pleasure ended, and I lay in his bed as I caught my breath. He sank back on his heels.

“You like the toys, Leah?”

I nodded. “But I like your cock better.”

He gave me a wicked grin. “Good.” He leaned over and kissed my clit. “I like your pussy better too.”

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