“Fuck yeah… Jesus I love your pussy.”

I closed my eyes, riding out the storm and wishing he loved me as much as my pussy.

When he finally collapsed, he rolled off of me, as he usually did. “Welcome to the club.”

I smiled, even though the moment was bittersweet. I really need to get my emotional shit together. “It’s an honor to be included.”

He laughed, the deep free one that I didn’t hear very often. Sebastian didn’t just control emotions such as love. He was guarded in all expressions, from laughter to anger. Not that I hadn’t seen him angry. I’d been able to push his buttons a few times. But his attempt to keep himself emotionally distant was always clear.

He turned on his side toward me, resting his arm over my middle. It was the closest thing to after sex cuddling he was able to give. “We’ll land in the morning. We’ll have a short time to clean up at the hotel, and then we’ll head straight to the meeting, so we should get some sleep.”

“Okay.” I rested my hand on his arm, and closed my eyes, wishing I could stop loving this man, yet knowing I probably never would.

We landed in Paris in the early morning and took a cab to the hotel. We took showers and changed and then headed to the meeting.

“When we’re done here, we’ll have the rest of the day and weekend to ourselves,” he said as the cab zigged and zagged through the busy streets of Paris.

I looked at him wanted to believe that this was a romantic weekend away, but I quickly corrected course. This was a fun erotic weekend away. No romance. No love.

I smiled. “What should we do?”

His eyes gleamed. “The regular. Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, sex. We are in a country that knows a little something about sex.”

And romance, I thought, but didn’t say.

“Is there something you’d like to do?” he asked.

“I’d like to see the gardens of Versailles and maybe shop.”

“Shop? Is shopping part of a woman’s DNA?”

“Of course. I know you sell your own lingerie, but maybe I can find some sexy little French teddy or something.”

His eyes flashed with heat. “I wouldn’t mind buying that for you.”

The meeting went well. I got wet and hot watching Sebastian in his element. He exuded confidence and, to my mind, he was sexy as hell. Who better to sell sex toys than him? By the time we left, it appeared that he’d be exporting about a quarter of what was in the Sensual Delight’s catalog to France.

“We need to celebrate,” he said in the cab. “Let’s go the hotel and change out of professional clothes and do the town. Eat, drink, dance… oh and shop.”

I looked at him.


“You seem happy.”

He smiled. “I am. This was a big deal. When Valerie and I started this business, sending our products outside of New York, much less to Paris wasn’t in our sights.”

“And look at you now.”

He nodded. “It goes to show that you shouldn’t hold yourself back, Leah. Remember that as you move into the business world. Think big and go after it.”

I wished he felt the same about his personal life.

The first stop after changing was to a café to have lunch and champagne. We drank the whole bottle, and I wasn’t the only one feeling the effects of it if Sebastian’s taking my hand as we walked through the Tuileries toward the Louvre was any indication. He’d never held my hand before, and I had to look down to make sure it was his hand that had taken mine.

“Aphrodite is in the Louvre,” he said. “She’s the goddess of passion.”

I snorted. I wanted to tell him she was the goddess of love and procreation too, but the moment was too nice to ruin. “Men don’t need a goddess of passion. They already have one hanging between their legs.”

He laughed. “Are you saying my dick is a god?”

“I do like to worship him.”

He stopped and tugged on my hand, pulling me to him. “Careful, you might wake him up.”

I ground my hips against him, feeling that he indeed had the start of an erection. “Can you imagine if a statue was made of you and your dick?”

“There’s not enough marble in the world.”

I rolled my eyes, but I loved this side of him. We’d banter when alone in New York, but right now, he seemed freer, less guarded. Was it because we were out of New York where our affair might be found out?

We toured the Louvre, and I was surprised by just how small of painting the Mona Lisa was. When we left, we found another café where we had bread and cheese and more champagne.

“You know, you don’t have to get me drunk to get lucky.”

He sat back and for a minute I thought I’d said something wrong as he studied me and that guarded shadow crossed his face. “I want to enjoy this time with you, Leah. We don’t have to have champagne, but I love the stuff and never have it any more.”

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