What if I wanted you to show me you cared for me? I pushed that thought aside. “Clearly, if you’re going to stay in your happy zone, we’ll need more champagne.”

He grinned. “Good idea.”

When we finished at Versailles, we took a cab back to Paris and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening walking through all the tourist spots, eating decadent food, and sipping champagne. He held my hand as we walked, and even on a couple of occasions, kissed me. I attributed it to the champagne, and told myself that when we were back in New York, this more open and freer Sebastian would be gone again.

We went to an expensive dinner that had so many courses that it took several hours to get through. Then we went dancing, and I was in heaven to be in his arms. Except for sex, Sebastian rarely touched me, so swaying against his body without sex felt decadent.

When we got back to the hotel, we were tearing each other’s clothes off before the door shut.

“If I don’t fuck you soon, I’m going to die,” he said as he picked me up and dropped me on the bed.

“I’m burning for you, Sebastian.”

He knelt on the bed, sitting back on his heels as he tugged me to straddle his thighs and lowered me over his massive erection.

Our groans filled the room as I rode him. His hands were on my ass, squeezing and helping me rock and ride him.

“Fuck… I’m going to come…” He growled in my ear. “I’m going to fill your pussy, Leah.”

“Yes.” I loved his dirty talk, even as I wished it was sometimes more emotional.

“You need to come, Leah…” His finger slid from my ass down to where his cock was sliding in and out of my pussy and then up pressing gently against my opening. Rockets went off, firing in every neuron of my body. I screamed out and wildly convulsed around his cock.

“Oh fuck, yeah, baby.” He bucked and his hot seed filled me, coating my insides so full that it started dripping from me. He pulsed and pulsed, until finally, he lay me back on the bed, and rolled off to the side. “You fucking rock my world, Leah.”

I felt a sense of pride at that, even though he usually did most of the work.

He reached down between my legs. “Look what you do to me.” He ran his fingers through his cum oozing from my pussy and brought it to my lips.

I licked his finger, liking the flash of arousal it always brought to his eyes. He gave me a lecherous grin and then moved down my body.

“The rest is for me.” He sucked his cum from my pussy, and then used his tongue, teeth and lips to drive me up and up into pleasure until I was writhing, my hands fisting in the sheets as I prepared for the explosion.

“Oh God, Sebastian… oh fuck… I’m coming…” I screamed his name as another orgasm tore through me, surging through my body like liquid fire.

He then knelt before me and started jacking off. “You’re so fucking hot, Leah, I’ve gotta come.”

If I’d had the energy, I would have sat up and sucked his cock, but I was completely spent. All I could manage was to press my breasts together. “Come on my tits.”

“Fuck yeah.” His hand moved like a flash on his cock, rubbing and tugging, until he threw his head back, yelled out and shot his cum on my tits and belly.

Later, after I bathed and tested out my first bidet, I lay in the cool sheets listening to the sound of his steady breath as he slept. Inside, I was a torrent of emotions. I wanted to snuggle next to him and tell him I loved him. The best I managed was to lay on my side and rest my arm across his waist as he sometimes did to me. In a perfect world, we’d be tangled bodies and hearts. I knew if I said that, he’d reply, “The world isn’t perfect, Leah.”

* * *

The next day, was more of the same. Champagne, delicious food, and viewing tourist sites. The difference was that Sebastian seemed even more relaxed today than the day before. He smiled and laughed more. Several times, he brought my hand to his lips, kissing my knuckles. He was acting like a man in love, but I couldn’t let myself read too much into it. It was the champagne and Paris, not Sebastian.

After dinner, we danced again, and I wanted to ask him if we could have days and nights like this in New York. New York wasn’t Paris, but it was a city filled with champagne, great food, things to see, and dancing. But I wasn’t brave enough to ask. I wondered what he’d think if I told him I wasn’t as brave as he seemed to think I was.

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