The night was getting late as he held me on the dance floor. I felt his lips on the top of my head and I looked up at him.

His eyes blazed with heat, but it wasn’t sexual. My heart turned in my chest as I wondered if finally, finally, he was allowing himself to feel something for me.

He lowered his head and pressed his lips to mine in a kiss that was so soft and tender it brought tears to my eyes. He trailed his kisses along my jaw.

“Should we go?” He whispered in my ear.

I nodded.

He was quiet as the cab dropped us back at the hotel and we walked, hand in hand, to our room.

“More champagne?” He asked as we entered the room. Apparently, he’d made a deal with the hotel to always keep our room stocked with the golden bubbly.

I shook my head.

He stepped to me, cradling my face in his hands as he stared down at me with that same intense gaze. The room was dark, with only the moon from the Parisian night casting an ethereal glow over us.

He kissed me in that same soft tender way as he had on the dance floor. It made my entire body melt. Slowly he undressed me, as I did the same to him. Then he lay me on the bed, and his hands and mouth caressed my body, not in the same hurried or erotic fervor as usual, but in a slow, languid, gentleness like his kiss. He made my entire body hum with emotion and pleasure. I wanted him to feel the same, so I did what I could to return the favor. I ran my hands over his body, kissed him wherever my lips could reach with him pressing me into the mattress.


I looked up into his eyes, filled with a stormy desire and something more that I prayed was love. He took my hands in his, pushing them over my head and holding them there.

He pressed inside me, slow, smooth, seductive until he reached the hilt. Then he held still, his gaze still on mine as he throbbed and pulsed inside me.

I love you. The words were on the end of my tongue, but wouldn’t come out.

“You undo me, Leah.”

They weren’t words of love, but like the rest of his small gestures, it was beyond his normal behavior. They were as close to a confession of feelings as I would likely get, and so I savored them.

Slowly he began to move, sliding in and out, his eyes watching me as he did. This wasn’t the act of a man who was in it only for sex. He was making love to me, and my heart sang. I wanted it to last forever, but our bodies had other ideas.

Soon the need cranked up, and I was on the verge of coming. “Not yet.” I nearly sobbed it.

He slowed his pace, and I couldn’t help but think he was in sync with me. Like he wanted it to last too. The fact that he did, made me think this was the only time he’d allow himself to show me his true feelings. When Paris was done, and we were back in New York, I’d return to being his secret affair.

Slowly the passion built again, and this time, without asking, he slowed his pace. He leaned in and kissed me as he stilled inside me. I focused on the taste of him. The feel of him pulsing with life inside me. The heat of his body as it covered mine. The grip of his hands as they clutched mine. I wanted to sear this moment into my brain so it would be there forever for me to remember.

He moved again, while holding the kiss until he tore away to catch his breath. This time, there was no stopping our bodies from grabbing what they needed.

“Sweetheart… you have to come…”

My orgasm rolled through me, intense and hot like a summer storm, crashing through all my senses.

“Leah.” He cried out as his body bucked, and his seed filled my body.

I prepared for him to roll off, but instead, he shifted his weight to the side, and pulled me to him, cradling me in his arms. I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I wanted to cry. I turned my head into his shoulder to hide it for fear if he saw it, it would scare him.

“You undo me,” he said again as he kissed my head.

I was completely undone and hopelessly in love. But I wasn’t brave enough to tell him. “Sebastian,” I whispered. I love you.

Chapter 21


Maybe it was jet lag or a hangover from a weekend fueled by champagne, or maybe both, but on Monday morning I woke feeling puny. I considered calling in sick except that I wanted to see Sebastian.

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