I realized, after she was gone, that our marriage wasn’t like most other peoples’. We cared about each other, but it wasn’t love. There was a lot of sex, but no romance. We’d never made love as far as I could tell.

“This is so fucked up.” I tossed the toy on the bed, as thoughts of my deceased wife cooled my dick’s jets. Instead I got into the shower, to clean off my jizz left over from coming on Leah’s tits. Immediately, my dick was a full throttle again. I quickly cleaned and dried off, found a tube of lube and lay on the bed. I preferred having a real woman suck my dick, but that came with more complications than I wanted to deal with. Complications that increased once I passed into billionaire status. Sometimes it was just easier to take care of my sexual needs myself.

I didn’t invent the blow job simulator, but I did improve on it. Sensual Delights had a hard time keeping any of these faux female mouths in stock.

I started by slipping my dick in the silicone lips. Since I was already going to hell, I imagined Leah’s lips, and I thrust my dick in deep.

“Fuck yeah, Leah… suck it baby.” I turned it on, letting it suck my cock in real life, while in my head, Leah, my innocent pixie beauty deep-throated me until I filled that toy with my cum.

Chapter 4


At first, I felt amazing about what happened. Sebastian had given me two fantastic orgasms, even if it was with a fake dick. And then he’d masturbated until his cum covered my breasts. I felt so sexual and wanton, so different from the sweet innocent person I usually felt like.

But then he was out the door so fast without a single look at me. The humiliation I’d been afraid of was realized. What had I been thinking that he’d take my virginity? I knew he was attracted to me, but I wasn’t the type of woman he usually went for. He and his deceased wife had a reputation for pushing the limits of sex in their sex life. Gossip around the office reported that the women he dated now were open to creative and sex play. I was open to it too, I just didn’t know how to do it.

I slid off the desk with my clothes clutched in my arms where Sebastian had thrust them at me. I went into his bathroom and showered, trying to wrap my brain around what just happened.

His dick had been so hard. He’d come on me. That meant he did find me alluring. Then I remembered how’d he brought up my father. Perhaps he was feeling guilty about what we’d done. That was stupid. Would my father have a problem with Sebastian fucking me? Probably, but he’d have a problem with any man fucking me. It was possible he’d feel less concerned if it was Sebastian since he knew and cared for him. He trusted Sebastian to mentor me in business, even if he hadn’t been thrilled about it being for an adult products company.

That had to be it. All of a sudden, the humiliation was gone, and I was feeling triumphant. I was still a virgin, but I’d finally orgasmed from something other than my own hand. And I’d seen up close and personal how to touch a man to make him come. Maybe someday I’d be the one jacking Sebastian off as he came on me. Even better, maybe he’d stick that massive dick inside me. A thrill ran through my pussy at the thought of it.

I finished showering and got dressed. As I went to put on my panties, I decided to leave them behind. A thank you of sorts. I folded them up and left them on the sink for him to find tomorrow. Then, I washed the dildo, and left it as well.

I wouldn’t be there tomorrow when he found them because my internship was for only three days a week at the company. I spent the other two in class and working on my thesis. But I could imagine him finding these. Would he sniff my panties? Would he use them to a jack-off? Would he wish he used his own dick instead of one of his products on me? Another tingle rushed through my body at the thought.

Dressed, I gathered my presentation materials, and left his office. As I passed his secretary, she watched me and I wondered if she knew what had happened in his office. I smiled and kept moving to my desk set up in the office all the interns shared. No one else was around, so I put my presentation away and worked on another project until it was time to go home.

Technically, I still lived at home. My father owned a large apartment in the upper west side. It had a separate adjoining apartment built for the time when people still had butlers and maids living with them. I suppose some still did, but my dad didn’t. So, I lived in the little apartment which gave me some independence, but still allowed me to be close to my father.

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