But deep down, I knew… KNEW… I was the father. Why didn’t she tell me? Because you’re an asshole.

“But listen, she doesn’t want people to know. You can’t let her know that I told you.”

“Why doesn’t she want people to know?” What was she planning to do? That was my baby too. She couldn’t make plans without me, could she?

“She’s just not ready yet. My wife and I waited until after the first trimester to tell people we were pregnant. It’s not unusual to wait.”

I nodded, but it seemed like most women would tell the father right away.

My game sucked as usual. I had the beer and a game of cribbage with Henry, mostly because I was too discombobulated to say no. I passed on the dinner invitation and went home. For over an hour, I held my phone in my hand ready to call Leah, but I couldn’t bring myself to dial her number.

She didn’t tell me about the baby probably because I’d been clear I didn’t want a family or commitments. Had she told me, my situation with my board would have become even more precarious. She knew that too.

Still, that was a pretty big piece of news to keep from a man. Was she planning to raise this baby and never tell me? Rage rose fast and furious. How dare she keep my child from me? It had been bad enough when Valerie said we wouldn’t have children, but Leah keeping my child from me, that was worse.

I picked up the phone, ready to confront her. And then I put it down as my board, Henry, and the way I’d treated her swirled in my head. I was a fucking asshole. That made me bad father material.

Fuck! I threw my phone across the room and went to the bar to find my scotch. Unfortunately, I’d finished the bottle, so I settled on whisky.

The problem was no matter how much I drank, the pain and anger and self-loathing never dulled. But thankfully, it did put me out. I lay on the couch and let sleep come.

“Sebastian, what did I tell you? Sex and money, that’s all you need.”

I peeked my eyes open. Valerie straddled my thighs playing with her tits. I looked down, expecting her to be fucking me, but my flaccid dick was safely tucked in my sweatpants.

“I told you love and sentiment would only fuck you up.”

I nodded. “Yes, you did.”

“And was I right. Look at you. You’re a fucking mess.”

“You were right.”

She gave me a sympathetic smile. “You were always soft like that. I suppose in some ways that’s why I loved you.”

“You loved me?”

She cocked her head. “Of course, I did. In my own way. I loved your brilliant mind. Your ambition. Your massive cock. You have the trifecta. And if you don’t let Leah Hammond get in your way, our company will be known worldwide as the number one business for sexual satisfaction.”

“Leah is gone.”

“No, she’s not. Not from here.” Valerie pressed her hand over my heart. “Admit it Sebastian, you love her.”


She quirked a brow. “No, you won’t admit it or no, you don’t love her.”

I wanted to push her off me. Let me drift back into oblivion.

“I never took you for being such a pussy.”

“Go away, Valerie.”

“You hated me for not loving you or giving you a baby, and yet you hate her for loving you and giving you a baby. What the fuck is it with you?”

I dug the heels of my palms in my eyes, hoping she’d go away.

“What do you want, Sebastian? Seriously.”

“I want you to leave.”

“You are a pussy. I’ll tell you what you want. You want Leah Hammond. You want that baby. And you want your business. So why don’t act like a man and live up to those big ass balls you’ve got and fight for them?”

I closed my eyes, hating that they were filling with tears. The last thing I needed was for Valerie to see me cry.

But when I opened them, she was gone. Early morning light filtered in through my window.

“I’ll tell you what you want. You want Leah Hammond. You want that baby. And you want your business. So why don’t act like a man and live up to those big ass balls you’ve got and fight for them?”

I bolted from the couch, ignoring the cleave hammering my brain from all the whisky I drank. I took a cold shower and made a pot of coffee. Then I set out to use my big ass balls to fight for what I wanted.

First, I called Niall, who I’d learned had referred Leah to the job in California.


“Sir?” I could hear the sleep in his voice.

“Do you know where Leah Hammond is staying in Los Angeles?”

“What? It’s six-thirty on a Sunday.”

“Where is Leah staying in Los Angeles?”

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