My dad was the quintessential distinguished successful businessman. The difference was that he had a heart of gold. While most of his rich peers had a slew of kept mistresses, my father hadn’t dated since my mother died nearly seven years ago. That’s partly why I’d stayed close to home. I was afraid he’d be lonely. I wanted him to get out and live, and I knew my mother would have wanted that too, but so far, all he did was in running his business, and play golf with Sebastian.

Thinking of Sebastian, I smiled at the memory of the blazing heat in his eyes as he thrust that dildo in and out of my body. I changed into shorts and a tank top, and went to the gym on my father’s side of the apartment and ran on the treadmill, to burn off some of my lingering sexual energy.

I showered again, and then changed into jeans and headed to my father’s side again where I found his cook, Lois, making dinner in the kitchen.

“I hope you like salmon,” she said, making a face at me. Lois was an old school cook whose real talent was in comfort food and desserts. “Your father is on a health kick.”

“I don’t know why. He’s in good shape,” I grabbed a wine glass and a bottle of white wine from the fridge.

“That’s what I told him.” She looked at me, pointing her spatula toward me. “Do you suppose he’s finally met a woman?”

I shook my head. “No. His doctor probably said something about eating healthy.”

She harrumphed and went back to cooking.

I made my way with the wine to our living area and looked out over the city. I wondered if Sebastian was thinking of me. Was he jerking off again to thoughts of me? How long had he been doing that, or was today first time? My pussy contracted as I remembered how his eyes inventoried my body in the pretty lingerie.

“There’s my sweet girl,” my father’s voice interrupted my lustful thoughts.

“Hi dad. How was work? Did you take over the world today?”

“We’re close baby, so close.” He smiled and kissed my forehead. “How about you?” He rolled his eyes. “Though, I’m not sure I want to know about the sex toy business.”

I was sure he didn’t. “I did my presentation for Sebastian today.”

“How’d that go? Did he give you some good advice?”

Inwardly I laughed. What he gave me was two lovely orgasms. “Yes.”

“Excellent. I knew I could trust him to watch out for you.”

All of a sudden, I wondered if my father would have a bigger problem with Sebastian than I’d thought. My father was a mentor of sorts to Sebastian, but I think he viewed him as a peer. The age difference between me and Sebastian was greater than the age difference between him and my father. I was twenty three to Sebastian’s forty, but it didn’t feel the same generation gap when I was with him. He certainly didn’t feel like a father figure. But would my father have a problem with the age difference? Or maybe Sebastian’s reputation would get in the way. But my father knew Sebastian better than anyone. He might have a large and unusual sexual appetite, but he was a good person and smart in business.

“Should we eat?” my father asked.


He grinned. “Lois is beside herself. But I hear fish is good for you.”

I nodded. “Where did you hear that?”

“The woman who owns the coffee shop outside my building suggested it.”

I quirked a brow. “A woman?”

He pursed his lips. “It’s not like that…” Then he hesitated with a wistful look on his face. Was my father finally smitten with someone? Not wanting to jinx it, I opted not to say anything.

We had a lovely dinner, as usual, and watched TV before he went off to review some business work, and I went back to my place. I worked on my thesis and finished my reading for class the next day, but thoughts of Sebastian weren’t far from my mind. He would likely avoid being alone with me, but as far as I was concerned, what happened today was just the appetizer. Before I finished my internship, he’d fuck me. I’d make sure of it.

My pussy tingled with the thought. I put my books away, and undressed, climbing into bed naked. Normally I wore shorts and t-shirt, but I was feeling sensual and wanted to feel my sheets all over my skin.

I cupped my breasts and massaged them, remembering how Sebastian stared at them like he wanted to devour them. What would it be like to have his mouth on them? I pinched my nipples, imagining him sucking them. I moaned as sweet sensations radiated through my body.

Now I wished I’d brought the dildo he gave me home, because my pussy was needy to be fucked. I’d have to make do with my fingers. I slid my hand down my body, flicking my engorged clit, and then pinching it, pretending Sebastian was sucking it.

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