“You’re here now.” I heard Leah’s attempt to calm me down, but I was done trying to be civil.

“I didn’t say anything to keep you out, Sebastian. I was preoccupied with Leah. After they treated her, I was allowed back in and by then, Karen was here.”

I glared at him, searching his eyes for the truth.

“Henry, let’s give them a minute,” Karen said.

“I’m not leaving her when he’s like this—”

“Henry!” Karen barked.

He flinched at her annoyed tone.

Before he could respond, she added, “Look at him. Tell me he doesn’t love her and want to take care of her.”

I looked to Karen and then Henry, and they turned my attention to Leah. I took a calming breath. “She’s right. God, my world ended when you went down on that stage.”

“I’m fine.” She squeezed my hand.

I didn’t like eating crow, but it had to be done, because whatever Henry thought of me, or what I thought of him, Leah loved us both and I needed to be civil. “I’m sorry, Henry.”

Leah pursed her lips at her father when he didn’t respond. “Although it doesn’t seem like it, my dad will start being nicer.”

“Yeah, well I guess I can’t blame him too much. If our twenty-year-old daughter comes home with a forty-year-old man, I’m not sure I’ll react much better.”

“I’m twenty three.”

I pulled her hand to my lips and kissed it. “And you’re smarter and more mature than the rest of us.”

“Remember that buster.”

Leah was released with a clean bill of health the next day, and I immediately moved her into my apartment. The following week, when she got the call that she was hired by the company in Los Angeles, I cleared out the extra bedroom and made a home office for her. When I’d finished setting it up, I fetched her from the terrace where she was doing yoga.

“Come see your new digs.” I offered my hand to help her up.

She smiled, and like always, it felt like a gift. “You’re spoiling me, you know.”

“I know.” It was so strange how much I wanted to do things for her. Not because she wasn’t capable, but because I was compelled to. My heart was so fucking full, and all I wanted to do was make Leah happy. It was a completely new sensation, and while it still scared me, I trusted Leah to take care of my heart.

I brought her into the office. “What do you think?”

She scanned the room, which had a large L-shaped desk, with a laptop, docking station and two monitors. It also had a couch in case she needed to rest, a bookcase and file cabinet. I’d had her diploma framed and hung on the wall. I went light on the décor, as I figured she might have her own ideas about it, but there were a few plants and a picture of her as a teenager with her parents.

“Sebastian, I love it.” She walked around the room looking at each item. Finally, she stopped at the desk and turned around to face me. “It’s perfect. We should christen it.”

I arched a brow.

With a coy smile, she tugged her yoga top over her head, revealing her sublime breasts. Immediately I went uncomfortably hard. Then she shimmied out of her yoga pants and underwear.

“Ms. Hammond, are you trying to seduce me?”

She grinned. “Is it working?” She sat on her new desk.

“Fuck, yeah.” I yanked my t-shirt over my head and tossed it aside. I unbuttoned my jeans and tossed them in a pile on the floor with my briefs. I ran my hands up her thighs, her waist, to her face, which I held as I looked into her fabulous blue eyes before I took her lips in a deep kiss.

She moaned as her hands roamed my chest, sliding over my abs and lower. Her fingers wrapped around my cock, and I hissed as pleasure spiked, electrifying my body.

I broke the kiss and dropped to my knees. “I want to eat you, Leah.”

She widened her knees giving me a stellar view of her perfect pussy, glistening with her wetness.

I ran a finger through her folds and then licked them as I looked up at her. “Mmm. I love how you taste.”

Her eyes flashed with white hot passion. “Make me come, Sebastian.”

I smiled. “Yes, ma’am.” I ran my hands along her inner thigh, opening them further. I inhaled her sweet scent and then pressed a kiss to her pink hard clit.

Her fingers ran through my hair and held my head to her, as I used my tongue on her sweet pussy. I licked and laved her pussy lips and clit until finally I used my tongue to fuck her.

“Yes.” She moaned and her hips rocked against my mouth. “I need to come… oh God Sebastian… please.”

I hooked her legs over my arms as I tilted her hips up so I could devour her. I sucked her clit until she was writing and gasping, then I tongue fucked her again.

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