“Yes, yes, yes…”

I repeated the moves until she cried out my name, and her sweet pussy juice coated my tongue.

I brought her down and then stood. “You taste so fucking good, Leah.” I pulled her to me, kissing her hard so she could taste herself.

Her hand wrapped around my cock and brought it to her entrance. “Fuck me.”

I pushed in, until I couldn’t go any further, and held still. Before Leah, sex was simply like scratching an itch, but with her, it was a spiritual experience. My body wasn’t just joined with hers, it was a part of her. And she was a part of me, as corny as that sounded.

I held her and kissed her, letting my dick sit snug and hot inside her. I could fucking stay here forever.

She wrapped her legs around my hips, and her hands came to my face. “I love you.”

My heart expanded in my chest. Every time she said that, it felt like a miracle. How the hell did I get so lucky?

“I love you too.”

She smiled and rocked her hips. “Fuck me, Sebastian.”

My cock thickened even more at my innocent sexy woman’s dirty talk. I withdrew and slid in with the intention of taking my time. It was probably a fool’s effort because I always had a difficult time controlling my libido once my dick was in her tight pussy.

When I pressed in, she moaned and dropped her head back. I took advantage by kissing her neck, sucking lightly careful not to leave a mark. I withdrew again, gritting my teeth as her pussy resisted my withdrawal by squeezing and sucking me back in.

“I love your pussy, baby. So fucking good.” I thrust in, pulled out, focusing on her gasps and moans, with each slide.

“Faster… harder…. Oh God I’m almost there.”

Not wanting to deny her, I picked up the pace, plunging into her and grinding my hips before pulling back and repeating. Need coiled tighter and tighter, but I fought the release, wanting her sweet pussy to be the one pulling me into oblivion.


I leaned over, sucking on her pretty pink nipple, as I thrust in and ground against her again, making sure I hit her g-spot and clit.

She screamed, and her pussy gripped my cock so hard I saw stars as she shot me like a rocket to the heavens.

“Fuck yes, Leah…” I thrust in again, releasing my seed into her womb until it was oozing from her. When I was down from the high, I wrapped her in my arms and held her as our breaths returned to normal. When I was sure I was steady, I picked her, and carried her to the bedroom, and laid her on the bed. “I need more, Leah.”

“Take all you want, Sebastian. I’m all yours.”

I wondered if I’d ever get enough of her. Even now that I knew she was mine, the more I had her, the more I wanted her. I’d just come hard, but already my dick was growing and thickening. I pressed inside her again, letting her pussy walls massage it back to full width and length.

Once again, my pace was slow and steady, but I was able to hold it like that for longer. As I moved and out of her, I watched her face, the way her eyes sparked with fire and passion. Her cheeks were pink and her lips made that perfect O as I pushed her over into pleasure again. Only then did I let go of the reins of my libido and sought my own release.

Sated, I held her in my arms. She rested her head on my shoulder, as her hand absently caressed my chest.

“Does it ever get old?”

“What?” I asked.


“Do you want it too?” I squeezed her ass.

“No. It just always surprises me how every time is so intense.”

“Before you, I would have said, yes.”

She lifted her head to look at me. “And now?”

“And now, I can’t imagine it will ever get old with us. It’s like I stick my dick in a light socket each time I fuck you.”

She laughed. “That’s a good thing, I hope.”

“It’s fucking fantastic.” I kissed her head. She rested it back on my shoulder and within a few minutes she was asleep. I reached for the throw blanket that somehow didn’t end up on the floor and covered us.

As much as I loved making love to Leah, I enjoyed this too; simply holding her. Her breath was soft and steady. Her heart beat against my own as she rested. This was what I’d wanted but had been too afraid to believe I could have. A beautiful, smart, feisty woman to love who loved me, and a baby on the way. I needed to ensure I had this forever, but I’d been resisting taking that step. It wasn’t because I was afraid of it. The problem was Henry. While he was civil to me, the animosity was always right there below the surface when we were together. I needed to do something about it, although I wasn’t sure what I could do that would fix us.

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