“It’s not like that between me and Dylan.”

He pursed his lips like he didn’t believe me.

I had to admit that things with Dylan could have gone in that direction, but it hadn’t. “We’ve only talked at work. And texted. We’ve never been on a date,” I explained.

“He’ll ask you.” He turned away again and sank into his desk chair. “Fuck it. You should choose him. He’s closer to your age, probably doesn’t have as much baggage either. There’s a chance that he’s the one that can give you what you want.”

I felt annoyed that he was unable to stick to what he wanted. It showed that his interest in me was simply sex. When he was aroused, he couldn’t resist me, but once he’d had an orgasm, he could push me away.

“Maybe he is,” I said.

Blake’s eyes flashed with jealous heat, which was what I hoped for.

“But he’s not what I want,” I finished.

He shook his head. “You shouldn’t want me.”

“And you don’t think you should want me either, and yet here we are.” I watched him for a moment as he stared back at me. “Blake, as it turns out, I can’t stop wanting you either. It seems the only answer is to go with it.”

“I’ll end up hurting you.”

“You don’t know that. I might hurt you.”

He scrubbed his hands over his face. “You deserve—”

“Just because I want to have what you and your wife had someday, doesn’t mean I want it now. I’m still young. I have time.”

“You are young, and I’m—”

“Experienced.” I cut him off before he said he was old again. I tried to make my voice sound sultry as I added, “I have lots to learn, Mr. Alexander.”

Again, his eyes flared hot but this time with desire. “You’re going to make me into a cliché. The older boss teaching his nubile assistant.”

“I can see that idea turns you on,” I nodded toward his groin where I could see the outline of his dick.

He laughed. “I am a fucking cliché.”

I knelt between his knees and ran my hand over his cock, feeling it harden and thicken behind his zipper. “Me too. I want to learn what makes you happy, Blake. The first time I saw your dick, I wanted to suck it. I even had a dream about it.”

“I’ve dreamed about that too.”

I looked up into his dark eyes with surprise. “You have?”

“I told you, I can’t stop wanting you. Or thinking of you. Or having wet dreams about you.” There was an edge of exasperation to his tone that made me feel like I should apologize for that.

Instead, I squeezed his dick. “Can I suck it? Will you show me how?”

For a minute I thought he’d refuse me. Then he undid his pants and pushed them along with his boxers, down, then sat back in his chair.

“Take off your dress again,” he said kicking his pants aside.

“Why? This is about you.”

“One, because your tits turn me on and two, it’s messy when a man comes.”

I remembered all the cum I had to wipe from my pussy the first time. “Aren’t you supposed to come in my mouth?”

He groaned. “Only if you want me to. If not, it’ll land on me or you. Maybe your tits.” His eyes flashed with excitement at that last bit making me think he’d like coming on my tits.

I stared at his dick, long, hard, and sticking straight up.

I wrapped my hand around it, marveling at how hard it was while covered with soft skin. “This is fascinating.”

He gave off a sound that sounded like a mix between a snort and a grunt.

“Do I just… put my mouth on it.”

“What do you want to do?” He put his hand over mine and slowly stroked. I could feel the ridges beneath the skin as my hand slid over him.

“I want to suck it.”

“Then suck it.” His voice was hoarse. “Like a popsicle.”

I leaned forward, pressing my lips to the velvety tip and then slid it into my mouth.

“Mmmm… yes.” His fingers threaded through my hair.

Deciding I was on the right track, I took him deeper.

“That’s right. Now fuck it with your mouth.”

I lifted my head to release him and then lowered down over him, slowly bobbing over his dick.

“Yes, that’s good… so good, Bella.”

I lifted my gaze, wanting to see his face as I blew him. His eyes were closed, he had a slight smile as I sucked him in my mouth.

I tightened my lips, wanting to increase the friction.

“Fuck… yes…” His hips rose slightly meeting my mouth.

I continued moving my mouth over him, with each stroke his breath grew quicker and harsher.

“Bella.” He took my hand, wrapping it around his dick again, allowing me to only focus on the head of it. “Faster.” He squeezed my hand, so I tightened my grip. I used my hand to jack him off while my mouth slid up and down over his tip.

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