“Yes… I’m so close…”

My free hand was on his thigh. I thought I might use two hands to stroke him, but as I moved my hand closer, I touched his balls. He let out a long hiss, which told me he liked that too. I cupped his balls, gently massaging them.

“Yes… Fuck… I’m going to come… don’t stop, don’t stop…”

It was unusual to hear the always in control Blake at the mercy of my touch. It made me feel powerful and feminine.

He let out another long growl. “I’m coming…”

I had the idea that drinking a man’s cum was a big turn on for them, but my curiosity about what it looked like when a man ejaculated got the better of me. I released him from my mouth and used one hand to jack his dick while the other continued to massage his balls.

His gaze caught mine and in them, I saw a wild desire. He pushed my hand tilting his cock toward me. “I’m coming Bella… Fuck I’m going to come on your tits.” He’d barely had the words out when I stroked down on him and the first bit of cum shot out, landing on my chest.

“Don’t stop Bella…” He wrapped his hand around mine again, moving my hand at the speed he wanted, forcing another shot of cum which landed on my nipple, then another on my cleavage. It seemed to keep on coming until finally, he released my hand. I stopped stroking him, but I held his cock as it slowly softened and returned to its normal state.

I looked down, and using my other hand, ran my fingers through the warm, milky liquid. I brought it to my lips to taste it.

“It’s salty.” I looked up at him. “You’re not disappointed that I didn’t let you come in my mouth, are you?”

His eyes were soft. “No. Not everyone likes it.”

“I might like it. I just wanted to see what it looked when you came.”

“I feel a bit like a science experiment.” He reached over to his desk and pulled tissues from the box and handed them to me.

“I thought you were the teacher. Tell me, Blake, did I pass?”

He let out a loud laugh, his eyes twinkled with humor and at that moment, he was the most handsome man I’d ever met. “You tell me. You’ve got my cum all over your tits.”

I smiled as I wiped his cum from me. “You came, but did you enjoy it? Even I know, not all orgasms are alike.”

He studied me for a moment. “How do you know that?”

“I know that with you they’re better than when I’m alone.” I wasn’t sure I should confess to masturbating, but crouching at his knees with his dick in his lap and his cum on me, it didn’t seem as embarrassing as it would have normally been.

“You’re right. It’s usually better between two people.”

“Usually, but not always?”

He stood and held a hand out to help me up. “It’s been wonderful with you, Bella if that’s what you’re asking.”

I nodded a little embarrassed by my need for reassurance.

“I haven’t come like that in years.” He pushed my hair out of my face. “Until you, I haven’t even wanted to.” He studied me as if I was a puzzle he couldn’t figure out.

“I feel like I should take you to dinner, but I need to get home to Lily.”

“Yes, of course.” I found my dress and put myself back together while he did the same.

He walked with me as we took the elevator down and headed out onto the street. “Can I drive you home?”

I shook my head. “I’ll get a car.”

He started to take out money but then stopped. “Would it be offensive if I pay for your ride?”

What a pair we were. I needed sex lessons and he’d been out of the dating game so long he didn’t know what to do. “It’s okay. I can take care of it.”

“Listen,” he said before he reached his car. “If at any time, you want this to end, you just tell me okay? I don’t want to hurt you or make you uncomfortable.”

I appreciated his concern. “I will.”

He looked at me like he wanted to give me a kiss goodnight, but now we were on the street with his driver waiting for him.

“Goodnight, Mr. Alexander.”

“Goodnight, Ms. Hanson.”


Joanna used to tease me about my iron will. I wondered what she’d think about my inability to resist Bella. My will was useless around her. I shook my head. Now wasn’t the time to be thinking about Joanna, but I couldn’t stop the guilt that I was betraying our love. I’d promised to love her and only her for forever. Yes, it was ‘til death do us part, but I wasn’t dead. Only she was gone. And my love was still there even after her death. The guilt alone should have been enough to deter my craving for Bella. But it wasn’t. Not only did the guilt not sway my need to indulge in her, but each time I was with her, the craving grew. She was young yes, but sweet and so responsive. She was eager to discover the pleasure two bodies could find together. And watching her pink lips around my dick nearly made my brain explode. Just thinking about it now made my cock start to swell.

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