He flashed a grin and held out his hand, inviting me to him. “I guess you’re right. Going to Europe would have been a waste. But now I’m thinking we can do both. Sightsee and have sex.”

As I reached him, he stopped me from sitting next to him. He pushed my shirt up and then pulled me down until I straddled his thighs.

“It sounds intriguing.”

He must have noticed the slight hesitation in my voice. “But?”

“What about the kids? Liam is still young.”

“We’ll bring them along.”

I quirked a brow. “Won’t that cut into the sex bit?”

“We’ll bring Patsy and Jim too. We’ll get a suite or several rooms. They can watch the kids sometimes, and other times have their own second honeymoon.”

I pressed my palms to his cheeks. “You’re such a lovely romantic man.”

His hands caressed my thighs. “You going to reward me for that?” He pulled me close until my pussy pressed against his dick.

“You’ve been thinking of Paris and sex already.” I ground against his already thickening arousal.

“That happened the minute I walked in here. I’m hoping you’ll help me with it.” He leaned forward, lightly biting my nipple through the thin fabric of my blouse.

“What do you need me to do?” I rubbed myself against him, loving the low growl he had in response.

“I need you to fuck me, Mrs. Alexander.”

Hearing him say my name always sent a thrill through me. He was like a dream come true.

I moved back slightly so I could undo his belt and slacks. I pulled his hard cock free.

“Goodness,” I exclaimed.

“He likes you.”

I slid off the couch to kneel on the floor as the desire to taste his beautiful cock made my mouth water. I gripped him and then sucked on his tip.

“Ah, Bella…” His fingers threaded through my hair. I could feel him relax and let me take control of his pleasure. I sucked him, fast and then slow with light strokes and then with a firm grip, loving the sounds he made as I did.

“Come up here, baby. I want to touch you.”

With my grip still firmly on him, I maneuvered onto the couch next to him and continued to suck him.

His hand slid down my back, lifting my skirt again. His fingers found their way between my thighs, and under the panel of my panties.

“You’re wet for me.”

I hummed in the affirmative, making him hiss from the vibration. We pleasured each other for a few minutes longer, but then Blake pulled away.

“Fuck me, Bella.”

I pulled my panties off and straddled his thighs again. I hovered over him, his tip teasing my pussy entrance. Our eyes caught and held, and only then did I lower over him. Our moans of pleasure filled my office.

His hands slid to my back and he pulled me to him, pressing his lips against mine in a firm, thorough, sexy kiss. His tongue darted inside my mouth and I savored the taste of him.

I started by rocking slowly, my movements matching his kiss.

He broke away, tugging on my ear with his teeth. “More, baby. Faster.”

Wanting to please my man, I started to ride, at first slow and long. His hands gripped my hips urging me to move faster. I obliged, taking shorter, faster strokes. His cock massaged my pussy walls, the friction building my tension tighter and tighter. I swore I could feel him thicken and harden inside me.

“Blake.” I gasped as need coursed hot through my blood.

“Yes baby,” he sucked on my nipple through my blouse again, sending an electric current to my pussy.

“I’m coming… Oh!” I threw my head back as pleasure speared sharply and then radiated out through my body.

He groaned. “Fuck yes right there.”

Warm liquid filled my pussy as I rode out my orgasm. We didn’t use condoms anymore, but I was smart enough after Liam was born to go on the pill, although recently we’d started talking about when I might go off again and have another child. Since Liam was only six months old, we figured we’d wait until he was a year or so, and then try again.

“It will only take one time, you know,” Blake had said when we’d talked about having another baby.

“The first time,” I agreed.

In the meantime, I was happy to practice as much and as often as Blake wanted me, which was often.

As our breathing returned to normal, Blake grinned up at me. “So is that a yes for Paris?”

“Oui, mon amour.”

His eyes softened and filled with love. “I adore you, Bella.”

My heart filled with emotion at having this wonderful man love me and give me a perfect family. There was only one thing I could say to let him know how much it all meant to me. “Je t’aime, Blake.”

***The End***

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