All that changes when we reach home, though.

The elevator doors glide open, and I lift her into my arms, ignoring her burst of laughter and the faint protests as she swats at my chest. I carry her across the threshold of the penthouse, before I deposit her on the leather sofa and lean down across her, my lips finding her neck, her collarbone, the dip between her breasts.

“God, you’re gorgeous. Have I mentioned that?” I tilt my chin up to glance at her.

She suppresses a smile. “Maybe once or twice…”

My grin sharpens, turns hungry. “Good. Because I should be telling you every… damn… day.” With each word, I kiss my way lower, peeling her shirt up and tossing it over the side of the couch beside us, before my lips return to her searing hot skin, my hands unable to remain off her body for longer than a few seconds. I cannot imagine ever getting my fill of this woman. She’s everything I could ever want and more.

Her arms snake around my shoulders, and her hands knead along my spine as she tugs at my shirt, pulling it up and over my head, before she deposits it on the ground beside hers. “I love you,” she whispers again, the first time she’s said it in private, and it makes my whole body electrify. My cock, which already felt hard enough to cut steel even before she said that, throbs at the sound of the words on her lips.

I lean up to kiss her, hard and full on the mouth, claiming that sexy little mouth of hers for my own. “You’re going to have our baby,” I whisper against her lips, testing the words.

She stirs beneath me, her hips arching up into mine. “I am.”

I slide my hand down over her breasts, making her gasp and arch her back against me along the way. But my hand keeps moving, keeps traveling down until I cup her bare belly, my fingers hot against her skin. “I put a baby in you,” I murmur, grinning.

Her breath hitches, her eyes alight with the fire I always find in them, the same lust mirrored in my own. God, she is so fucking sexy when she’s turned on like this. “You put a baby in my belly,” she agrees. Her tongue darts out to wet her lips, and the sight is enough to drive me wild. To make my cock so hard it actually strains at my fly.

She knows what she’s doing. Her eyes light with amusement as her hands slide down, over my abs, her fingertips tracing the cut of each muscle before they reach the waistline of my jeans. She undoes the clasp slowly, pushes the jeans down over my hips. My cock stands at full attention beneath my boxers, yet she takes her time removing those next, her fingertips tracing the hem of my boxers, teasing me.

“Tell me what you want to do to your wife now?” She smiles, a seductive grin she knows I won’t be able to resist.

I grin right back, and lean down to kiss down her collarbone, along the slope of her chest. One hand slides around to unclasp her bra, and as I speak, I draw it aside, then let my thumbs circle her breasts, pressing ever so lightly along the edges of her nipples, just enough to make them start to harden. “I want to kiss every. Inch. Of. Her. Body.” With each word, I lean down to flick my tongue along her skin, until I suck one of her nipples into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it, making her gasp and arch her back toward me.

I shift away, kissing my way to her other breast. “Then… I want to make her come, again and again… until she’s screaming my name.” I suck her other nipple into my mouth, my thumb toying with her first, until both are hard as rocks beneath my touch. Only then do I let myself move lower. I kiss my way along the smooth, flat plane of her belly. A belly that won’t be flat for much longer.

There’s something electrifying about the idea of watching her swell with my child. Of knowing that I planted this seed in her. That together, we’re going to make a family.

I flick my tongue into her navel, and I’m rewarded with a little gasp of pleasure. I glance up at her, smiling. “Then, when she’s wet and hungry for me…” I trail a fingertip up, up the inner soft smooth skin of her thigh, until it reaches the crease of her hip. I trace along that crease, teasing. Then shift across her mound to the other side, slow and taunting. Not quite touching her clit or the soft folds of her sweet pussy. Not yet.