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The room was a work of art, just like everything in my brother’s life. This wine cellar had been featured in Wine Aficionado when he built the house, and it was undoubtedly my favorite room in this house.

I felt the soft snick of the door behind me, and I breathed a sigh of relief as I took in the richly toned wooden walls and racks, bottles arranged by maker and vineyard. The intoxicating smell of caramel and honey invaded my nostrils as fantasies of Leigh pushed up against the wall and my head under that lace skirt skittered through my brain.

My cock throbbed, pain biting behind the zipper and forcing me to loosen the button and drop the metal teeth, freeing my raging problem and causing a sigh of relief to wash through me.

And then I thought of Leigh’s lips on mine, and I was done.

I cupped my balls in one hand, sliding my palm up the shaft and fisting tightly. I imagined what I’d do to her if she was with me, pushing her fleshy ass cheeks apart and licking her sweet little cunt clean.

I jerked my cock harder, the need to relieve the pressure causing me to boil over. I steadied my hand on the stone wall, imagining bracing her with my hips and fucking her hard and deep until she was exhausted and weak around my cock, my seed and only mine coating her completely.

I was a man possessed with wild and forbidden thoughts of her, my little brat of a stepniece.

Just the thought of spanking the sass out of her and then dragging my tongue across her succulent skin had me creaming, jets of semen covering my palm and soaking the front of my dark denim jeans. The cage of my chest rattled, all the muscles in my body tense as I came down from the best fucking orgasm of my life, all because for the first time in two years, I’d finally allowed myself to think of her again.

“Oh, hey! I didn’t know anyone was in here.” The door crashed open, and a voice sing-songed over my shoulder.

My back tensed, cum still leaking through the crack of my fingers.

I gulped, adjusting my still twitching cock back into my jeans and trying to quick-button them.

“Leigh.” I turned, fake smile covering the embarrassment that the woman of the hour had just caught me jerking off…to her. “So much for giving a guy a head’s up.”

She arched one eyebrow. “I just came down to steal a bottle of booze before I head out for the night.” Her gaze dropped, noticing for the first time my zipper, still unzipped. “But it looks like I just stumbled upon something a lot more interesting.”

I licked my lips, thinking how maybe it was just my luck that she’d shown up here when she did.

“Just thought I’d grab a bottle myself.” I hoped she didn’t hear the crack in my voice.

“Looks like you’re grabbing something, all right.” Her eyes twinkled with knowing, and I knew then I was way the fuck busted. She turned away from me and bent over, skirt riding way too fucking high up her thigh for my liking, and plucked the nearest bottle of wine from the shelf. She spun, standing up straight to nail me with her intoxicating eyes then, that ridiculous caramel honey scent I loved so damn much drowning me in that moment.

“Kinky Uncle.” She whispered the taunt.

A mix of aroused anger bubbled up inside me before I gritted out, “Wicked brat.”

“Well, I’d love to stay and entertain you, but—” She stopped abruptly, hand tugging on the door handle. “Wait, what the fuck?”

My eyes rounded, and I nudged her out of the way, hands gripping the handle and yanking gently, then with more force. I pulled again, using all of my energy.

“Oh, fuck.”

“What do you mean, oh fuck?” Her tone was significantly higher.

“I mean, oh fuck, I think we’re stuck.”

Chapter Two


The panic at the realization that I was stuck here, in this space with him, felt like it would drown me.

“This is not happening,” I mumbled as I jiggled the door handle, praying it would miraculously open. “Dammit.” The word tumbled out of my mouth.

We were stuck. I was here in this room, away from everyone, with the man I wanted more than anything and knew I couldn’t have.

Nothing about this situation was going to end well.

“Fuck,” I whispered under my breath.

Asher walked over to me, appeared right in my face, so close that I could almost feel the heat from his body coming off him in waves. His beautiful, hard cock was now sheathed safely in his pants. I licked my lips, just thinking about how much I longed to wrap my lips around the thick, silky rod.

“Watch your mouth, little girl,” he said. His voice was authoritative and his breath tickled my skin, making goose bumps rise and my body shiver. There was no way I would let this man get under my skin again. For three years, all I’d thought about were his hands on me, the fiery caress of his touch, the way his lips melded to mine in a perfect fit.