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Her big round eyes held mine, the emotion coming off her in waves enough to send bolts of electricity straight through my balls.

“You spent most of the last three years avoiding me.” She breathed.

“I had to, Leigh, for the both of us.”

Her grin tipped at the side. “So tell me… How many nights would you say you were thinking about me?”

I sucked in a breath of her heated skin, my tongue hot and greedy as it tasted the crook of her neck. “All of them.”

Her soft little moans came out quicker when I angled my cock against the seam of her thighs, damp arousal heating my cock through the fabric of my pants.

“I want to feel you,” she half whimpered, half begged.

My cock throbbed, arousal leaking and dampening my pants before she shocked the hell out of me and pushed her hand between us. I hissed and bobbed, the feel of her deft little fingers rubbing against my cock enough to make me jerk and twitch with need.

“Careful, baby, I’m in pain here.” I kissed her softly, nipping at her bottom lip as I dragged away.

Her hands made contact with the button on my pants then, popping it open and then loosening the zipper. I sucked in violent breaths of air, charged with sex and desire and every other dirty thing I’d been holding back when it came to her.

“Mm, filthy brat.”

Her eyes flared, beautiful and challenging, and my only thought was what my dick would feel like then I teased it over her sweet bow tie lips.

“Looks like you’ve got a thing for filthy brats.” Her knuckles brushed the cotton of my boxer briefs, and I nearly jumped out of my shorts and lost my fucking mind.

“Jesus, you don’t know what being this close to you does to me.” I brought her close, planting a kiss on her lush lips as I stroked my dick through her heat. We kissed and groped and grinded together, soft pants the only thing interrupting the vast silence of the cool cellar.

“I can’t stop thinking of what you’ll taste like,” she confessed, breathless against my lips.

I groaned, nearly losing all my control. “Soon enough, baby, but I need you to ride my hand first.” I sucked at her flesh, kneading the heavy roundness of her breast through her dress. “And then I need you naked.”

I didn’t give her a chance to respond, only worked at the frilly lace hem of her top, growing frustrated when I couldn’t get my hands on her soft skin soon enough.

She giggled when I grunted and tore the shirt down her body, exposing her bare breasts to my hungry gaze for the first time.

“You’re so beautiful, it hurts to look at you, my angel.”

I attached my lips to her pert little nipple, her body reacting to my contact and arching into me instantly. We melded together, hands and lips and creamy flesh, our bodies writhing as delicious little pants came out of her mouth. Every stroke and suck of my mouth on her breast sent her crashing over a new edge, her breathy moans turning ragged and pleading.

“I can’t wait to taste this sweet candy, baby.” I worked my hand between her thighs, fingers playing her aroused flesh like a maestro. Her thighs began to shake, muscles tensing as her nails bit into the flesh at my shoulder blades and she came in waves of pleasure around my hands.

The fucking gorgeous way she moved and moaned when she came sent shockwaves of pleasure pushing through my shaft. On instinct, I pushed a hand under my waistband and gripped my cock, tugging fiercely as tingles spiked my bloodstream. Her intense eyes flicked from mine to my dick in hand, a soft smile splitting her lips before her fingertips were drawing up the length of me from outside the cotton of my boxer briefs, the brief contact enough to send my release rocketing through me, my fresh seed dampening the cotton of my shorts and spreading against her skin.

Our bodies trembling and breaths shaky, we both came down from an intense release. My hot skin plastered against her sweet curves beat any feeling I could have imagined in all of my years before now.

My heart was still battering my chest when she peered up at me, eyes round and innocent. “I thought I was your naughty brat.”

My grin tipped, cocky. “Not when my hand is down your pants and you look up at me like that.” I pulled my hands from between her legs, making a point of licking each of my fingers, enjoying the fuck out of her scent on me. “When I’m bringin’ you pleasure, you look like a sweet, sweet angel.”

She narrowed her eyes. “That sounds like you’re trying to charm the pants off me.”

My grin deepened. “Newsflash, baby, I’ve already been there and done that.”