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“There’s no turning back now,” he whispered against my lips.

“I don’t want to turn back,” I said as I straddled him, placing myself directly against his hard cock.

He sucked in a ragged breath. I liked the sense of power that I could rattle him—turn him on so much he nearly lost control. “Naughty girl, do you need Daddy’s hard cock to teach you a lesson?”

The forbidden force of his words hit me with waves of arousal between my thighs. I didn’t know talk this dirty and taboo could be such a turn-on. It felt filthy, it felt hot, and it made me insane with lust. “Yes, I’m all for your lessons, Daddy.”

Chapter Five


Her pouty lips pursed around that one word about stole all the senses left in my head. I didn’t want her to see how much it shook me when she pursed her lips and breathed it. I couldn’t let my body betray me—the forbidden innocence on her lips made my cock shudder and leak, despite how very wrong it was…and how very right it felt.

Thunder raged through my shaft, lightning lighting up my balls with fire and electricity, the need to dominate every pure and untouched part of her rising up inside me.

“Say it again,” I hissed, hand on her skin, teeth grazing her neck.


Her breathy little pants unraveled me, and the seam of her soft pussy grinding against me with that word on her lips sent me reeling.

“That’s it, little girl.” I sank my hand into her hair, yanking softly to expose her neck. “I’d like to promise I’ll be tender—” I grazed my teeth down the arch of her throat, shivers erupting across her skin and sending a soft shudder through her “—but I don’t think you’d like that very much.”

I swallowed her gasps, forcing my tongue to dance and curl around with hers, our bodies twisting and writhing as we discovered and panted and burned up with need.

“I like all of your rough edges,” she purred against my lips just as the tip of my cock grazed her heated lips.

She trembled, eyes falling closed when I worked against her pussy, rubbing across every nerve as she grew more and more soaked with each of my passes.

“This little pussy is soaked for Daddy.” I hummed, working the thick tip of my dick against her clitoris. She arched and moaned, fingernails digging at my shoulders as she tried to maintain control. “I want to see how sweet my little girl looks with my dick plunging deep inside.”

Instead of thrusting against her clit again, I edged my tip inside her entrance. I slipped just barely in, my tip leaking with pre-cum I was so fucking hot and turned on by her whimpering little sounds.

“Please, I’m so desperate to feel you.”

My cock surged with the need to fuck her wildly. “Do you think this wicked little cunt can handle Daddy’s thick cock?”

Her eyes wide, her teeth sank into her bottom lip as she nodded eagerly.

“Please,” she begged.

I pushed her hand between us, forcing her to feel herself. “Good girl. Feel how juicy your pussy is for me.”

She spun her fingers through the glistening folds, sliding her fingertips against my cock and sending beads of pre-cum leaking from my tip. I wanted to suck and fuck and lick and bite every inch of her skin every day for the next hundred years.

“I hope you’re ready for forever, baby girl. I don’t have a condom, and even if I did, I don’t want anything between us. I’m clean. There hasn’t been anyone for over a decade.”

“There hasn’t been anyone for me. It’s only ever been you. At night I touch myself and crave you,” she said, making me stop cold. I loved that no one else had been here. That she’d waited for me. Had I known that I would have met her someday, I would have waited too.

“No time with you will ever be enough,” I husked, just as I slipped in a little deeper, coming up against the thin barrier that separated me from the only thing I needed.

Her only answer was a moan as I pushed deep, breaking her hymen and feeling her tense and then ease around my thick girth.

“There’s my baby, nice and slow. I’ve got you.” My hands pushed across her skin, kisses trailing down her breasts and then back up her throat to land on her lips again.

“Yes, yes, yes.” She was so pure and untouched, every dominate bone in my body was strung tight for her.

“Fuck, baby girl. Fuck, it scares me how much I fucking think about you.” I groaned, grinding to the end of her and easing my strikes. I kissed her slowly, plunging my tongue deftly as we came apart and came together in that dark wine cellar.

“I can hear everyone upstairs. The party has started,” she uttered, fear lingering with excitement in her tone.

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