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In one motion, he pulled them down along with my panties, baring my bottom to the air and his hand slapped across my skin, hard enough to make me gasp.

Eyes watering from the sting, I looked back at him over my shoulder, a little shocked with myself that the red mark rising against my skin in the shape of his hand made me flush with arousal.

His eyes glinted, and I braced myself for another open-palmed slap. A thrill went through me as it landed, and I let out a low moan, unable to stop myself.

“So bad, Ivan.”

The sound of flesh on flesh rippled through me, making each sting of pain that much sweeter. His hand collided with me so solidly, I jolted against the desk, letting out a gasping, rolling groan.

“You like that? Like the big, bad Russian man forcing you to do what he wants?”

With each pass of his hand, I felt myself getting wetter and wetter.

Ivan’s hand twisted into my hair, and he pulled my head back. His hands somehow finding the balance between firmness and pain. His fist wasn’t wrenching my hair out, but if I moved too sharply, it would.

I couldn’t move. I just stayed there, panting. “Yes.”

His hand slapped hard over my ass again, and I bit down on my lip to stifle a cry.

“Is this bad enough for you, little girl?”

The anger in his tone shocked me, and I swallowed hard, my head reeling as everything shifted. Ivan was glaring at me. Suddenly, it wasn’t so sexy any more.


His fist loosened and it was out of my hair in an instant. I felt the loss of his hands on me so physically it was like the sun had gone behind a cloud.

I sat up sharply, pushing myself around on the surface of the desk so I could see where he’d gone. “What’s the matter?”

Leaning against the door, arms folded across his chest, he scowled at me like some kind of wounded creature.

“I’m not a bad man. You want a bad man? A man to hit you?”

I let out a slow breath, feeling relief wash over me. This was a misstep I could come back from.

I swallowed, pressing my lips together, and I shook my head slowly.

“It’s not like that. I want you.”

His jaw tensed and his head bobbed in a short nod. “I want to protect you. To make you mine. The things I’ve done, I don’t want to bring them between us.”

I nodded softly, a little understanding taming the dull disappointed ache.

“It’s just a game, Ivan. That’s all. It’s okay. You’re my big, strong Russian, my Brookly Cop, and my mafia man. Anything you do to me is sexy. I love how strong you are because I know you’d never hurt me, but I like the feel of your hands on me like that, knowing that if you were another man, you could.”

Quietly, I slipped off the edge of the desk and walked over to him, peeling my top off and unhooking my bra. Without a word, I drew his hands to my breasts, letting him cup them as I looked into his eyes. “You have all of me. That’s all I ever wanted.”

I dropped to my knees in front of him and unbuttoned his fly. His cock sprang out pushing the zipper the rest of the way down, and I freed it from the folds of his boxers, releasing the muskiness of him into the air.

Locking eyes with him, I lowered my mouth over his head, my smile rising as I let my tongue curl and swirl around him, drinking in the taste of him.

He let out a low moan and his hand slid into my hair again. I slid my hand over his, holding it there as I started a slow bob of my head, drawing him deeper into my mouth and letting him slide in and out smooth and slow.

Gradually, he let his fingers tense and his other hand cupped around my skull as he let his hips thrust into my mouth. I hummed with pleasure, latching around the base of his cock with both my hands to make up for the length of him I couldn’t swallow.

I loved the taste of him, and the way he groaned every time I let my tongue flicker over the slit at the top of his head.

Ivan was my man. I didn’t need him to be a villain to me, even if the things he did might have classed him as one to anybody else.

“Becca. I’m gonna-”

I didn’t let him pull back from me as his body tensed. I gripped his hips even harder, refusing to let him push me off, and I swallowed hard, drinking him down as his balls tensed and he exploded against the back of my throat, filling my mouth with a salty warmth that was all him.