“Everything is fine,” she said, smiling. “Kat has a beautiful daughter who appears healthy, and she’s doing great herself.”

He’d stood reflexively when she entered, but now he sagged back onto the couch, limp with relief.

“My partner is cutting the cord now. We have a marine unit waiting to take her to the mainland. From there, we’ll take her to Saint Mike’s to get checked out, but from this vantage point everything looks good. They’ll likely keep her overnight and send her home in the morning.”

“Thank you.” He heaved a shaky breath and turned to Amy. “And thank you.”

“Yeah,” the paramedic said with a grin as she turned to head back to the bedroom, “I hear you were a real boss in there.”

Amy shook her head. “She did all the work.”

Before he could protest, his sister and niece—he had a niece!—were being carried out on a stretcher.

“Can he come with me?” Kat asked the paramedics.

“Of course,” said the paramedic they’d been talking to. She looked at Amy. “But we can only take one of you.”

Amy held her hands up as if she was being robbed. “Oh, I’m not family.”

“I should take her instead of you,” Kat said, swatting Dax’s arm as she was carried past.

She wasn’t wrong. He could only nod and follow them outside where they transferred Kat to a waiting gurney.

“Amy!” Kat shouted as they prepared to load her into the ambulance.

“Yeah?” Amy leaned over a grinning Kat.

“I will see you again. And when I do, I will shower you with the accolades you deserve.” She turned to look at her baby, and Killer Kat looked almost…maternal for a moment. “We will see you again, I mean.”

“Are you going to be okay?” he asked Amy, ignoring the fact that everyone was waiting on him.

“Yeah!” She nodded vigorously. “You go. I’m fine.” Her eyes darted around like she was trying to figure out where she was, and when she caught sight of herself—she was still wearing the polka-dot bikini—she laughed. “I’ll just change and head home.”

“Just leave out the back door—you can leave it unlocked.”


He didn’t know he was doing it until he was doing it.

He kissed her. Not a drawn-out, passionate kiss like the ones they’d shared before. Just a quick one, on the lips, while he framed her face with his hands. Quick, but hard. Urgent.

Why? Who the fuck knew? The situation just seemed to call for it.

Chapter Nine

After she got home and showered, Amy was tempted to just put on her pajamas and go to bed with her iPad and browse real estate listings. That was her default mode. But she pep-talked herself out of it. She’d just delivered a baby for heaven’s sake. Why not put all that adrenaline to good use and, like, go out and do something non-work-related?

The problem was she wasn’t really sure what. Dax had been right on when he’d pointed out her alarming lack of friends who didn’t have to do with Mason. She supposed she could call the female half of one of their couple friends, but…meh. She really didn’t feel like dissecting the breakup. And, hey, why hadn’t any of those people reached out to her? She was the jiltee, after all.

Maybe she’d just woman up and call Cassie. At work parties, she and Cassie almost always ended up huddled in a corner talking animatedly about something. And Cassie seemed to have an active social life that didn’t always include Jack.

Well, why not? Even though she felt like a kindergartener going up to a strange child and saying, “Will you be my friend?” she fired off a text.

I just delivered a baby, and I could use a drink. What are you up to?

The reply came almost instantaneously.

What???? Already at Edward’s with some friends. Get over here. We’re sitting at the bar.

Half an hour later, Amy was bellied up to the bar with Cassie and her best friend Danny as well as two of the women from Rosemann, the advertising agency that shared the forty-ninth floor of the Lakefront Centre. She’d met the theatrical Danny a couple of times—he was funny and friendly. The women she didn’t know very well, but they had nodding relationships and would sometimes make small talk in the ladies’ room. But, hey, she was on Mission: Friends, and this bunch seemed as good as any.

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