“I’m worried about Texas,” I exhale slowly. “I don’t want it to blow back on the club. And trust me, I know how fucking stupid it was of me to keep the gun I killed that fucker with, but for some reason I couldn’t let it go.”

It was beyond stupid of me to hang on to it, and not only that, but it’s a stolen weapon. I took it from the Air Force with the sole purpose of killing with it. I needed a gun that couldn’t be tracked back to me, so I took one. I killed with it, then kept it. Why? I still don’t fucking know. But now the Five Aces have it in the load of guns they took.

“Who knows, Cas. The gun could be gone forever,” Pres says.

“Yeah, right. I’m not that fucking lucky.”

“We’ll get it back,” Savage says.

“We have to get it back before the cops do. If they get their hands on it I’m done for. They already think I stole a weapon to make the kill, when one went missing from the Air Force. It’s the same kind of gun that killed Charlie. If they get that gun, it’s an easy closed case for them,” I mutter, feeling the tension build in my shoulders.

“How do you feel about using him, Cas? If he’s really on this case and has a hard-on for you, you could play him.”

I know playing with Vincent will be like playing with fire. Not only that, but this will be an up-close-and-personal mission, and that’s not what I’m good at. It doesn’t help that I don’t seem to be myself around him.

“I could. If you think that’s what I should do. If it could stop blowback on the club.”

“I can teach you the art of seduction,” Scribe chimes in.

“‘Art of seduction’, huh? You mean you teach classes on jerking off in the back room to Savage’s old porn?”

“You wound me, Cas,” Scribe teases. Like anything could hurt that man’s ego.

“I’m going to shoot you in the ass in a minute,” I say, wishing I had put another rubber bullet in my gun.

“Is that how you do foreplay? Because that’s some serious sadist shit you have going on there, Cas.”

Rolling my eyes, I look back at Pres who is staring at Savage. I swear they can communicate telepathically. Pres breaks eye contact with Savage and he swings his gaze to mine. “I’m more worried about you, Casper. You have more to lose right now.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes.” And I mean it. I won’t let anything happen to this club. This is the only family I’ve ever really had. I failed to protect my other family, I refuse to do the same to this one. This time I have the means to actually do it.

“I know you will, but I don’t want you to think I’m asking you to do this because you’re a woman.” I hold my hand out to stop his comment. I know that. He’d ask anyone the same.

“Damn straight,” Scribe says. “I’d seduce anyone if it kept your ass out of prison, Cas. You know I like seeing it walk around here.” I can’t help but smile at his remark.

“What about the Five Aces? They came looking for me tonight.”

“I think you sticking with the fed will get them out of your ass for the time being, but everyone needs to watch their back. They aren’t too happy you put a bullet in their VP, but I also think they know we aren’t fucking around.”

“If I’m going to go down, I could take them with me, Pres. Scribe can get me their location, and I’ll have them all six feet under within a week,” I offer. If they come for us looking for blood, why don’t I just stop it before it begins? I’ve lost enough brothers over the years, and taking out the Five Aces wouldn’t be any different to me than killing on a mission.

“We aren’t there yet, Cas. Let’s just wait and see how things play out. No reason to make a bigger mess if we don’t have to. I want you to focus on the fed. The mission is the gun.”

I nod my agreement. I won’t go against the Pres’s orders, even if I feel my trigger finger loving the idea of taking them out. “I’ll find out what he knows,” I say, turning to Scribe and giving him a smirk. “So you wanted to teach me seduction? When you suck a cock do you use some teeth?”



I watch her walk into her house, and I wait a beat before exiting my car. I tailed her a bit after she left, but I saw she was headed in the direction of the club, so I came back to her place to wait. I know she will tell them everything that happened tonight, and I don’t care. I want her, and that means wanting the club too. That’s obviously a big part of her life, and I don’t want to try to change that. She shows loyalty by telling them when she found out who I am. I can’t hate that. I just want that kind of loyalty from her as well.

I don’t go to the side of her house where I usually watch her. This time I walk right up to the front door and knock. I know that I want her, so I’m not fucking around anymore. She’s the one, so why play it cool? I’m here for her, and nothing else matters.

After a second I see her shadow pass in front of the peep hole. She’s standing on the other side of the door looking at me, but not opening up. I brace my hands on either side of the door frame and lean down to look directly through the hole.

“You see me. And I know you see me. You gonna open up, or do I have to sleep on your porch tonight?”

“The swing is actually pretty comfortable,” she says from the other side of the door.

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