“Six rooms! Who’s going to clean all that?” I squeal, turning in his lap and straddling him.

“Well, we want all the kids to have their own rooms, don’t we?” he says matter-of-factly, like he has this all planned out.

“I am not having five kids,” I say, making sure we’re all clear on that. Our ten-pound baby, AJ, was not easy to carry.

“I know that.” He looks at me like I was crazy to think we were going to have five kids. “We’ll have four.

The extra room will be for your accounting office.”

“Three and that’s it.” Bargaining with him is never easy, so I’m trying to stand my ground.

“Four and I’ll make bacon every day for breakfast.” He smirks like he’s holding the golden bacon ticket.

“I’ll think about it.”

“We should get started right now,” he grunts, flipping us over so I’m on my back with him over me.

“Abe, AJ is right over there.” I motion with my head to our son, kicking his soccer ball around.

“Besides…” I pause until he looks back at me, his blue eyes meeting mine. I want to see his face for this.

“We’ve already made number two.”

At my words, his eyes light up, and then they start to fill with tears. He leans down, burying his face in my neck, and I wrap my arms around him, just feeling the love between us.

“I’m just so happy, shortcake,” he mumbles against my neck.

He missed so much with AJ, and I know he can’t wait to experience all the parts of being a parent. From my bitching about bloated feet, midnight ice cream runs, dirty diapers and sleepless nights, he’s finally ready and so am I.

When you love someone, their struggles become yours, and their hurt is your hurt. I never wanted him to carry this on his own, but he needed to in order to see that together we are stronger. We’ve both been through so much, and though we didn’t think it was possible, our fairy tale has come true. It didn’t go according to plan, and it didn’t follow the path we thought it would, but here we are, together and having our happily ever after.

He leans up, and I kiss him, smiling against his lips. This is definitely better than bacon.

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