“What the fuck do you want, Scribe? I’ve still got Vince twelve inches deep!” There’s a hint of relief in her voice, and I wonder if she’s thankful for the interruption.

“Pres wants a meeting.”

I hear the door shut, and we’re alone again. The moment has passed, and she’s not going to tell me right now, but hopefully it’ll happen soon. I can’t stand the wait much longer.

“Hey, everything okay?” I ask, holding her chin and kissing her lips softly.

“Yeah, just have some stuff I need to take care of.”

I pull out of her, and a rush of her cum and mine flows out behind me. She moves her shorts over. They’re soaked in the crotch, and she lets out an annoyed sigh.

“Don’t act like you don’t love that,” I say, reaching down and rubbing the wet shorts against her pussy. “I fucking love knowing my cum is smeared all over you.”

“Fine,” she says giving me a wicked smile and another quick kiss. “But you’re cleaning me up after this meeting is over. Get that tongue ready, Shield.” With that, she turns to walk out.

Tucking myself into my jeans, I follow behind her, smacking her ass. “Anything you want, baby.”

Chapter Four


Walking in the front door, I drop my bag in the entryway before hanging my cut up and kicking off my boots. The meeting went longer than I thought, but it didn’t go how I wanted it to. Lucias said Violet wasn’t ready yet but that she was damn close.

I’ll do tonight’s job on my own, then maybe on the next I can bring her. But who knows when that will be. We never know when something might come up, but tonight is important. We got a call from a sister club, Hard Mixers over in Kansas. They need eyes in the sky for a meeting they’re holding with a rival gang that we’ve had problems with before—the Five Aces.

We owe them a favor and they’re calling it in. I just hope all goes well and I won’t have to light up the sky. I already shot the Five Aces VP months back, and most of the dust has settled. Maybe it calmed because they have bigger battles to deal with. The Hard Mixers are pretty sure shit is going to get rough tonight.

I don’t have a problem getting my hands dirty if it means taking out a few Five Aces. They’re a waste of human existence. But now, if stuff blows back it won’t just hit me. I put my hand over my belly, the life that’s growing there.

“Shit,” I mumble to myself, feeling a little helpless, like I might be letting down my brothers. I haven’t felt helpless since I was little girl and my father used to beat on me. No, I made sure I never felt helpless again. Spent my life making sure that wouldn’t ever happen again. But now I feel like I’m spinning, unsure which direction I’m going.

I let anger take it. It’s the easiest emotion to deal with, and I know right where I’ll be going with it. Heading down the hallway, I yell Vincent’s name.

I walk into the bedroom to see him making the bed.

“This is all your fucking fault!” I yell at him. Vincent just walks around the side of the bed closer to me and sits on the end. A smile pulls at his lips.

“That so?” He kicks his feet out like he’s just relaxing and not at all intimidated by my anger. In fact, he seems to be liking it. That makes me even madder.

“Yes, it’s all your fault. You got me pregnant! You know, like a baby!” I motion to my stomach. “You refused to wear those condoms. Now I’m going to leave my brothers hanging. Worse, I’m going to be the worst mother on the face of the planet. I don’t know what to do with a baby. I don’t even know how to hold them, change them, God, even feed them.”

I feel my panic rising when I start to think about all the things being a mother will entail. I’m going to be so lost. I feel my nose start to burn. I do not want to fail this child. Not like my parents failed me, leaving scars on me to this day.

Vincent gets up from the bed and walks over to me. He cups my face. I’m in full meltdown mode, and I do not melt down.

“You ran to me this time,” he says, leaning down and placing a kiss on the top of my head. My heart flutters. I did. I have a knack for running when I get scared. Ran from my home when I was young, ran from the pain of people I’d lost when I was in the service, ran from Vincent when I thought my world might crush his. This time, I ran to him. It was the first place I thought to go when it all started hitting me.

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