And that’s fine. For Mia, there is no choice about being with him. Her options are “be happy with Mateo” or “be miserable with Mateo” and she’s making the same choice I made under those circumstances. That works for her. But that doesn’t work for me—not now. My eyes are open, and I still love him, but I don’t trust him the way she does—not anymore. Maybe she’s fine hoping for the best and entrusting her survival to him, but I can see the danger in him more clearly than ever before; I can see what a gamble that would be.

And me? I’m no gambler.

Chapter Thirty Three


I have had way too much wine, and Mateo is looking way too sexy sitting beside me in the Escalade. He’s wearing a lighter gray suit tonight, not the darker colors he usually favors. My dress is black and gray, so I kind of match him. I’m trying to remember why I need to keep my hands to myself, but Jesus, he’s so lovely to look at.

He finishes up whatever he’s doing on his phone over there and slips it back into his pocket, reaching his arm around my shoulders and pulling me close to drop a kiss on top of my head. “Having a nice night?”

“I’m having a wonderful night; thank you.” I turn into him, running my open hand across his chest, fingering the buttons of his dress shirt. “You look so good in gray.”

He smiles, running his finger up under the strap of my dress and tugging it down my shoulder. Then he leans in to drop a kiss in the newly bare spot, telling me, “You look so good in nothing.”

“For future reference, we should only go out to restaurants that are within ten minutes of the house so we’re never too far from a bed.”

“Who needs a bed?” he asks, planting his hands on my hips and pulling me into his lap, easily adjusting my legs so I’m straddling him. He yanks me closer, flush against him, and I throb with need at the contact. Returning his attention to my exposed shoulder, he drops a few kisses there, making his way in toward my neck. Once his perfect mouth makes contact, what’s left of my self-control evaporates. I grind my pussy against him, desperate for friction. A faint growl rumbles through him and he grabs my waist, pulling my chest flush against his.

Desire shoots through me, but the lust is wrapped up in all my other feelings for him now—the adoration, the affection; it’s all amplified by the alcohol also moving through my veins. All mixed together, I’m a cocktail of yearning for this man and this man alone.

I’m frustrated as I move against him, then he makes it worse, catching me by the back of my neck and pulling me in for a kiss. My heart pounds in my chest, excitement interrupting its normal rhythm as his tongue sweeps into my mouth, as his desire intoxicates me. Being wanted by this man is the single most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced.

He tugs the side of my dress down even further. I’m not wearing a bra with this dress, so there’s nothing in his way now. He ducks his head and his mouth closes over my nipple. A moan slips out of me. I arch closer as he sucks, pleasure fluttering through my core.

“God, why does it take so long to get home?” I mutter, pushing my fingers through his hair, cradling the back of his head and keeping him against my breast. “I need you inside me.”

His hand leaves my waist, moving between my legs. He groans when he realizes I’m not wearing panties and I grin in response. “I know a way to make the time pass more quickly,” he murmurs, pushing a finger inside me.

Excitement gathers in my tummy, but then I’m tilted a bit sideways as we take a turn and I remember we’re in a car, a moving car, and Adrian is driving.

Sighing, I regretfully pull away, dislodging his hand and climbing off him, scooting back over into my seat. “We have to wait.”

“I vehemently disagree,” he states, his eyes alight with a predatory gleam as he moves over to my seat, bracing one hand around my waist. His other hand comes toward my face and he pushes his index finger between my lips. I meet his gaze, closing my mouth around his finger and sucking on it, long and hard. “I hope you’re well-rested,” he states, watching me.

I give his finger one more forceful suck before popping off. “Oh, I’ve had two nights to rest up. I can go all night long.”

He grins, pulling me close enough to kiss. Before his lips land, he murmurs, “I’m gonna hold you to that.”

He sweeps me up with his mouth again, his hand wandering between my legs, but I hold onto enough presence of mind to catch his hand, trapping it against my thigh. I try to break the kiss, but as soon as I pull back, he moves closer and starts again.