“Horrible,” I say, on a gasp as his finger moves inside me. “It’s pure torture.”

“Is my touch torture?”

“The best kind.”

He likes this, too. He moves his thumb inside me, nudging my clit.

I throw my head back into the pillows, feeling near coming already. I don’t know how this man does this to me, because it sure isn’t like this without him. Covering my mouth with his, he kisses me while he plays with me. It’s hard to kiss him back, to focus, because I’m light-headed with mounting pleasure. I can’t stop moaning against his mouth. It’s too much. I know I’m moving toward relief, but the pressure is too much.

Then suddenly he withdraws his fingers. He still kisses me at first, but then he withdraws from my mouth, too. It’s like he suddenly took away all my oxygen and I can’t breathe without him.

I’m dimly aware that this is bad. Like, really, really bad. But then I’m aware of nothing, because he moves down my body and his mouth latches onto my pussy, and then I’m helpless. Mateo’s tongue is made of magic, and as it moves skillfully in all the right places, I clutch desperately at bed sheets, emit pitiful cries of pleasure, my legs shaking as delicious pressure builds inside me.

“Mateo!” My gasps come quicker, faster, more desperate. I reach down, pushing my fingers through his hair, and he zeroes in, flicking faster.

I cry out as I come, arching off the bed, going limp.

Oh, my god.

I’m completely helpless for several seconds, zapped of every last ounce of strength.

Mateo comes back up, his eyes dancing, and somehow, even though I just came, even though I’m satisfied, pleasure moves through me again. Not just physical pleasure, but emotional pleasure. Then he’s kissing me again, bringing my hand to his cock, and I remember he doesn’t give breaks. Fuck, I am going to be tired tomorrow. It’s going to be so worth it, but I’m going to be a zombie.

“I want you to ride me,” he says. “I want to watch you.”

I nod, even though I’m not sure how I’ll find that much strength so quickly after my orgasm. I very much want to ride him, so I’ll send out a search party if I have to.

Turns out I don’t need a search party. The fog starts to clear. The sexy gleam in his dark eyes, the curve of a smile on his lips because he’s enjoying this as much as I am, they’re enough. My desire to please him suddenly surges back to life, giving me the energy to climb on top of him. I reach for his cock, guiding it between my legs, and I watch the surge of pleasure on his handsome features as I ease down and slowly take his cock inside me.

This is paradise.

I lean down to kiss him, just because I can. He rewards me with a little smile, then grips my hips and shows me the pace he likes. It’s fast and fucking furious, so I approve.

Once he sees I’m following his pace, he lets me go and watches me ride him. It’s so fucking sexy, Mateo’s eyes on me as I ride his cock.

I love this man so much. He’s going to split my heart into a million tiny pieces, but moments like this might make it worth it.

His hands go to my hips again, and I realize this time to slow me down. To stop me. I don’t want to stop. I’m unsure at first, but then he pushes me back down on the bed, climbing on top of me.

“I like looking down at you while I fuck you.”

“I like that, too,” I tell him.

He touches me between my legs, fingering me for another few seconds. “You’re so fucking wet for me, sweetheart.”

“I want you,” I tell him, my arms finally free to wrap around him.

“Yeah? How much?”

“More than anything,” I murmur, arching forward to kiss every inch of his skin my mouth can touch. I want to worship his whole body. It feels like there could never be enough time.

“You want my cock deep inside your pussy, Mia?”

Desire spirals inside me. “God, yes.”

“Beg me for it.”

It shouldn’t excite me so much, but pleasure pours through me. “Please, Mateo. Please. I need your cock. I need it.”

I hold onto him as he finally drives inside me, brutal despite all the tenderness. God, I missed this. I missed this so much, and I didn’t even know.

“Thank you,” I murmur, between gasps.

This makes him laugh, but tenderly, and he gives me a kiss to make up for laughing at me. “Anytime.”

I’m so deeply and profoundly in love with this man, I can barely stand it. Having him inside me, receiving his light, playful kiss is almost too much. “You own me, Mateo.”

He doesn’t expect that one, and he groans, slamming into me harder. “Fuck, Mia.”

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